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Egg Diet: How To Lose 10 Kilos In Two Weeks!

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Egg Diet: How To Lose 10 Kilos In Two Weeks!

Just lose 10 kilos in two weeks? That doesn’t sound feasible at first, but it’s actually possible – with the egg diet. But is it really healthy to only eat eggs for weeks?

A study by Saint Louis University in the US state of Missouri has shown that you can actually shed the pounds with eggs. Eggs are high in protein but low in carbohydrates. This burns the fat reserves in the body – which means: you lose weight. The protein, on the other hand, also promotes muscle growth.

Are Too Many Eggs Healthy?

There are numerous vitamins in eggs (especially vitamins A, K, E, B and D). They also contain minerals (zinc, calcium, potassium and selenium) as well as proteins and amino acids. If you supplement the egg diet with lots of fruit and some meat, the form of losing weight is even healthy. However, you should never do the diet for more than two weeks! Because you can lose weight quickly with it. Because apart from the fact that the menu is quite one-sided, this can take revenge and there is a yo-yo effect. Because at some point there can be a nutrient deficiency – among other things, ravenous hunger attacks are the result and you gain weight again. According to some studies, eating too many eggs can raise cholesterol levels and be a trigger for cardiovascular disease.

How does the egg diet work?

Around 30 to 35 eggs should be eaten per week – that’s around 5 eggs a day. Vegetables, fruits and lean meats and fish can also be consumed. Carbohydrate-rich foods, on the other hand, are taboo – these include potatoes, rice, pasta or bread. And you should also avoid sugar. Sweets or chocolate are therefore not beneficial. After about two weeks you should eat a balanced diet again, because you don’t have to overdo it with eggs either.

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EDITOR’S NOTE | Radical diets can create and promote eating disorders – this is a serious disease. If you or your relatives or friends suffer from an eating disorder, you can get professional help from the addiction hotline on 089/28 28 22.

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