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Elly Schlein is the new secretary of the Democratic Party – Politics

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Elly Schlein is the new secretary of the Democratic Party – Politics

Elly Schlein is the new secretary of the Democratic Party. In 80% of the seats scrutinized, she is ahead of Stefano Bonaccini: 53.8% against 46.2%. She is the first woman to lead the party. She and she is the youngest: she is 38 years old. “The democratic people is alive, there and is ready to get up with a clear line”. Elly Schlein said this while speaking at her committee headquarters. We will be a problem for the Meloni government, we will be here. Today there was another massacre that weighs on the consciences of those who a few days ago approved a decree that prevents rescues at sea when legal ways of entry into Europe would be needed”, he added, referring to the shipwreck of migrants in Calabria. ‘From tomorrow we will work together in the interest of the country. We will work for unity, my commitment is to be everyone’s secretary, to win again”.

With a short speech, the challenger acknowledged defeat: “The first thing I ask is to give Elly Schlein a round of applause – said Bonaccini – I heard her and congratulated her, good luck for the great responsibility that takes over leadership of the party. Elly has prevailed and I’m available to lend a hand.”

No split, Bonaccini reiterated: “Starting tomorrow we all have to lend a hand to relaunch the Democratic Party, we feel the responsibility to make ourselves available, we have to lend a hand to Elly. I’ve always said it: if I had won, I would have asked Elly to give me a hand, Elly prevailed and without asking anything for me I’m ready to lend a hand”. For Schlein, Senator Dario Franceschini was among the first to comment: “An overwhelming wave that no one believed. A wave of hopes, anger, pride, enthusiasm that led the democratic people to choose to be guided towards the future from a young woman. Today truly begins a new story”. According to data from the committee of him,

Schlein is ahead in 14 regions and in many cities, such as Naples, Milan and Bologna. Her results indicate her first in Liguria and Sicily. And in Tuscany, where the new regional secretary of the Democratic Party, Emiliano Fossi, is also part of Schlein’s team. In Puglia, on the other hand, Bonaccini is in the lead, also ahead of Caserta. The first images of the queues at the polling stations in the morning brought some calm to the rooms of the Democratic Party. And in Schlein’s team, which has always considered high attendance a plus. The data for the day immediately went beyond expectations: almost 600,000 voters at 1 pm. In the end there were one million. It’s not the 3.5 million in 2007 or the 1.6 million in 2019. But it’s still an unexpected result on the eve, when the two contenders were struggling to say goodbye and, cornered, they said that already one million voters would be been a success.

The expectations for the new season of the Pd also focus on the ability of those who go to sit at the Nazarene to build a new team, to move on with the managers. Throughout the campaign, the two challengers reproached each other for the closeness or support of the various top exponents of the party, accused of the crisis of the Democratic Party which culminated in the last defeat, that of the September policies: Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi and dem al 19.1%. Whoever takes the reins of the party is called to demonstrate the sense of change already from the names. There are no roles and tasks already defined. But there are the intentions of Bonaccini and Schlein and the faces of those who have supported them in recent months. The president of Emilia Romagna has repeatedly said that he is betting on local administrators. The competitor instead focuses on women and young people. Schlein chose deputy Marco Furfaro as spokesperson for the motion. In her team are also the deputies Chiara Braga and Chiara Gribaudo, the deputy Marco Sarracino, as well as the senator Francesco Boccia. The day of the two candidates began at the polls. Bonaccini voted in his native Campogalliano, in the province of Modena. Then, in the afternoon, he moved to Casalecchio di Reno, 10 kilometers from Bologna, to await the results of the vote. For Schlein, a gazebo in Bologna and, a few hours later, a train journey to Rome, to follow the phases of the counting in the committee set up in a theatre, the Spazio Diamante.

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