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Eternal youth, US entrepreneur spends two million a year

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Eternal youth, US entrepreneur spends two million a year

“Project Blueprint”

Bryan Johnson’s mission is to restore his organs, including his brain, at the age of 18. He decided to call the project “Blueprint” and to be the guinea pig himself. The idea was born in the pandemic years as a reaction to a severe depression that had even led him to feel suicidal instincts.

He spends 2 million a year

The entrepreneur struck it rich after selling his Braintree payment solutions to eBay in 2013 for $800 million. Now he invests part of his assets to rejuvenate him: two million dollars a year. Johnson makes use of the experience of the regenerative doctor Oliver Zolman who together with a team of about thirty doctors and experts studies his body and carries out the appropriate experiments.

The results

At the moment Johnson’s body looks five years younger, his heart thirty-seven years, his skin twenty-eight, while the goal of returning to 18 years would have already been achieved for lung capacity and physical fitness.


Johnson to win his personal battle against time, wakes up at 5 in the morning, takes about twenty supplements a day, follows a strict vegan diet of exactly 1,977 calories, making sure that his body fat levels remain below 6%. . Four times a week he trains moderately, while on the remaining three days he increases the intensity. His doctors monitor his body temperature, blood glucose, heart rate, oxygen levels during sleep, and bone weight. The hi-tech mogul undergoes electromagnetic pulses to improve muscle tone and wears blue light blocking glasses for two hours before going to sleep. Each treatment is recorded and studied by his team of professionals and by himself.

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