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“Even the gurus are now rethinking”

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“Even the gurus are now rethinking”

With staff on vacation and overcrowding (not pandemic), with mild symptoms but the terror threshold still high, with tests continuing to be carried out despite continuous doses (and promises of a normal life), now even doctors no longer grim seem to rethink it. Exponents like Bassetti have no doubts: the tampons are likely to be more harmful that help with health in these conditions. Heavy and intrusive practices must be implemented after the positive swab, so much so that the hospital must take away time and staff from those who are seriously ill: “One arrives with another pathology and having to undergo a swab to enter the hospital is found positive for Covid, having to be placed in isolation: this takes away beds, takes away staff, takes energy away from the hospital and what we get is that other people come cure worse“.

And then there is the problem of healthcare professionals, who continue to positivize themselves. Executives note that those infected must stay home for ten days despite having symptoms for three; this is a blow. Now there are also holidays and this means losing, only at the Sant’Orsola in Bologna, about 100-150 people“.
But for the columnist of La Verità Francesco Borgonovo the substantial problem that continues to be postponed is one: the return to normality. “Now you are sick if a card says so. The question must go much further down to earth: you are sick if you are sick, otherwise you are not“.

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I believe that some virstars have some qualms, they know very well what the situation is like but they have some qualms about saying things as they are because otherwise they would have to admit that they have everything wrong“.
The reference is to various releases – signed virostar and not – which go decidedly against the trend with the biennial narrative on the virus: from the fact that it should no longer even be called Covid, Bassetti dixit, to the abolition of isolation for positives – says the undersecretary Costa – passing through the uncomfortable words about Crisanti’s vaccine: “He went so far as to say a few days ago that this new wave will be a kind of mass vaccination. It is clear that I do not expect Crisanti to speak out against tampons (he is the tampon man); after which he basically goes as far as to say that the new wave takes a few people who are not too sick and guarantees natural immunity, which we have seen last much longer than vaccines“.

And, speaking of vaccinesI don’t know if you have seen the ISS data: the incidence rate of trivaccinates is the same as that of non-vaccinated people. Identical“.

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