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Experts, regenerative medicine frontier for the future but beware of ‘fake’ – Health

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Experts, regenerative medicine frontier for the future but beware of ‘fake’ – Health

Reduction of chronic pain, tissue regeneration, repair of cardiac dysfunctions: stem cells represent the regenerative engine of the organism, they are able to give information on the state of health and allow to intervene with targeted tools, in almost all branches of medicine . This is one of the many topics that will be explored in October, in Naples, on the occasion of the Conference of the Italian Society of Medicine and Multi-specialty Regenerative Surgery SIMCRI. The experts also underline that a simple blood sample is enough to measure the level of stem cells and decide whether to act to favor its growth, even if further studies are underway on this front. From Simcri, however, there is also an invitation to be cautious: it is good to contact only accredited centers and be wary of ‘fakes’ and of those who improvise in a sector that, like this one, is growing rapidly.

“Stem cells play a central role in regenerative medicine – explains Eugenio Caradonna, president of SIMCRI -. They are found in the blood and tissues such as muscles and are responsible for their functioning. They have an important impact on aging and the development of pathologies. neurodegenerative and cardiovascular. Keeping their number under control, and possibly intervening to increase them, is the goal. It can improve the body’s restorative capacities, repair muscle and skin damage, help in recovery from burns and even support in long-term rehabilitation -Covid. This is the approach of regenerative medicine, which carries out an action of union between the different branches to improve the quality of life of people, with protocols to increase stem cells designed to be used from serious pathology to minor ailments. “.

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“Various uses – says Michele Angelo Farina, Honorary President and Founder -. Dermatology is interested in regenerative medicine for limb ulcers and burns; gynecology for inflammatory and autoimmune pathologies; andrology for diseases of the connective tissue. Among the latest disciplines that have found a valid support in this sector, in particular in stem cells, there is algology, which uses it in pain therapies. Therefore, one of the objectives of Simcri is to train young people, for this we have created a Master in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery in association with the Catholic University of Rome. Furthermore, we have 12 public and private CMR (Regenerative Medicine Centers) in Italy and we participate in the establishment of guidelines for the application of the treatment protocols “.

And again: “One of the heart’s reparative approaches is achieved thanks to regenerative medicine, through an action on the electrical proteins that control the heart rhythm – underlines Silvia Priori, member of the SIMCRI scientific committee and Full Professor of Cardiology at the University of Pavia -. Gene therapies to repair these dysfunctions are still being tested, but for now we are seeing good results. We hope for the approval, soon, of the clinical trial on patients at the American Food and Drug Administration “.

Regenerative medicine “also plays a fundamental role in tissue transplantation – concludes Diletta Trojan, president of the Young Scientific Board SIMCRI and director of the Banca dei Tessuti di Treviso Foundation (FBTV) -. In Italy FBTV is the only multi-tissue bank that deals in same site cardiovascular, musculoskeletal tissues, amniotic membrane, dermis and adipose tissue: SIMCRI has involved FBTV in its activities precisely to increase the possibilities of study and application of tissues in the field of regenerative medicine. In particular, we obtain great results with membranes amniotic treatments used extensively for burns, ulcers and for the closure of difficult wounds. As a Young Scientific Board we try to involve young doctors in activities related to cell and tissue regeneration: they will be an important part of the future of medicine “.

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Regenerative medicine, underlined Francesco Cognetti, President of FOCE (Federation of Oncologists, Cardiologists and Hematologists), “also finds application in the prevention and treatment of some cancers. Hematopoietic stem cells derived from blood, for example, are already used against the aggressive effects of chemotherapy in neoplasms such as lymphomas and leukemia, and have led to many benefits. However, there are also – he explains – neoplastic stem cells, which can be responsible for tumor relapses and metastases even after months or years. Now research is being done. and studies are underway: the goal is to arrive at specific and ‘personalized’ drugs that can block and make these cells harmless “.

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