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Few people know the reasons not to be underestimated why their ears ring

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Is there a reason why the ears ring from time to time, or if the thing is persistent over time? The answer is yes, but few know why. Their ears may ring when you turn up the volume of your voice in an argument. Or in the disco when the music gets too loud, or at the end of a concert. Few, however, know the reasons absolutely not to be underestimated, why the ears ring. It could be a passing event, or something more serious. Very often, “ringing in the ears” means tinnitus, which some doctors refer to as a disease and some not. Treatments for tinnitus go to desensitize the ear, so that it doesn’t bother you when you hear sounds of a certain frequency.

We understand why the ears ring

When the whistle is not produced by external factors, such as very loud sounds, you need to understand why it is created. Sometimes an earwax obstruction may be enough to create a whistle, other times not. In fact, due to stress, many times our muscles stiffen. There are problems with the muscles of the shoulders, back, neck. Cervical or nerve problems can be created. And in the same way the inner muscles of the ear are stretched. It can happen that these muscles contract in spasms that are not voluntary, but caused by stress, creating discomfort.

Few people know the reasons not to be underestimated why their ears ring

There are cases where the whistling is not caused by external factors, nor by muscle tension. In these cases it is better to be seen by a doctor, which explains why.

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Certain diseases can cause an alteration in the pressure of the liquids found in the innermost part of the ear. These cause buzzing, hissing and whistling. It could be problems with the auditory nerve or with the entire hearing system. In the most serious cases they could be traced back to circulatory diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

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