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Five fundamental things that wipe out (almost) all doubts about the Register of Oppositions

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Five fundamental things that wipe out (almost) all doubts about the Register of Oppositions

They are Italian Tech we have dealt a lot with the Register of Oppositions, which was created to allow citizens to put a stop to marketing calls: we have dealt with it when it was just an ideawhen it was launched and in the days of its debut, when we found several problems.

On our findings, the Ministry of Economic Development has sent us some clarifications that we publish because we consider them useful to make understand how this service works and also how to improve it.

The case

The Register of Oppositions and the mystery of dates: does protection really last for a day?

by Emanuele Capone

Green number

The Mise maintains that “on July 28th the official numbers made available to users to proceed with the registrations in the new Register of Oppositions, which became operational on 27 July. The toll-free number 800957766 for fixed users provided for the new RPO has always been correctly reported on the website and on all information and communication materials officially published in recent days “.

True: in the previous 5 months e until 26 July another one had been communicatedbut the important thing is that now there is one certain (and that the error has been overcome for which calling the old toll-free number a registered voice directed to a third wrong number: the old toll-free number is no longer active).

Doubts about the duration of protection

The ministry supports that “the answer Telemarketing consents canceled until July 29, 2022 reported in the article, although it may appear in a somewhat outdated form, it provides correct information, because it confirms the activation of the service for the user, reporting the cancellation of all the consents previously issued on the date of registration in the Register of Oppositions “.

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The theme here is not that the expression is “a little out of date,” but that it risks being misleading. Perhaps you could update as well: “The procedure for entering your number in the Register of Oppositions was successful: the protection will be active starting from the 15th day from now. If after that date you continue to receive unwanted calls, you can renew your subscription ”, with links to the options that already exist.

The operation of the registration

The ministry maintains that “after the citizen has registered with the Register, the procedure provides that the practice is activated by the service manager within the next working day. The effectiveness becomes operational after the past 15 days from the day of registration for the Telephone Objections Register and 30 days for the Postal service, as they refer to the maximum time frame foreseen for the updating of the lists by the operators. There is therefore no limbo, but the expected times. Once the procedure is completed, registration with the RPO is indefinite “.

Telephone and Postal Register

With regard to the use of the expression “registration in the Telephone Register”, the ministry maintains that “it clearly means registration in the public Register of Oppositions dedicated to telephone marketing, it is therefore not a question of telephone directories, which have nothing to do with the management of the RPO “. While the Postal Register “is a section of the Register of Oppositions, where the registration made by the citizen following the normal procedure becomes operational if the telephone number is entered in the telephone directories. Insertion that is borne by the telephone operators “.

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All clear, even if perhaps instead of the Telephone Register it was necessary to write Register of Oppositions and that’s it: why look for a synonym at all costs? The question remains as to why, during the phone call, it is pointed out that “the number is not present in the telephone directories” and immediately after it is said “to subscribe, press 1”: the two sentences are consequent, as if the registration procedure ‘RPO also includes the inclusion in telephone directories. And this could be confusing.

The decline of customer service

by Riccardo Luna

The site

“The expectation of citizens, but also of many operators towards the new Register of Oppositions was high – points out the ministry – as shown by the data that emerged during the first 4 days in which it has gone from 200 thousand subscribers on 27 July to one million and 300 thousand on 1 August. An interest that has created some stress points on the system, but which, despite some slowdown in online browsing that occurred during the first day, did not prevent citizens from proceeding with the registration using one of the 3 methods provided precisely to facilitate operations: website, telephone and email “.

Very clear: the “stress points” will be the reason for some malfunctions that have been reported to us. As for the how to enroll: weren’t they 4? And the registered letter, including up to the last, what happened to it? If someone has sent a registered letter, will their file be processed?

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