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As we age, T cells become less effective

The passing of the years brings us back to the childhood condition, at least as regards susceptibility to influenza. This is according to a study published in Nature Immunology by a team from the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne.
Australian researchers examined killer T cells – the cells that play a crucial role within the immune system – at four different periods of life: newborns, school-age children, adults and over-60s.
It was previously thought that the same T cells persist throughout an individual’s life, but the study instead indicates that the cells become increasingly less capable of recognizing viruses. Carolien Van de Sandt, first author of the study, explains that the new cells show genetic profiles very similar to those of newborn T cells, therefore with obvious limitations in the ability to … (Continue) read the 2nd page

News about: cells, flu, immunity, Flu, age makes us susceptible As we age, T cells become less effective

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