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“For virus control you need 90% coverage”

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According to Rezza, “what will happen this winter with Covid-19 depends on several factors but in particular on the vaccination coverage. There remains a large slice of adamant: there are still 7 million and 600 thousand Italians who have not even taken a dose. And it is those between 30 and 49 who do the most resistance “.

While membership is high among the youngest: “80.5% of the 20-29 year-olds are immunized. The desire for sociality pushes the campaign even among teenagers: 3 million children between 12 and 19 years have done the two doses, 68 , 27% have already done the first. A total of 88 million vaccines have been administered so far, with 81.9% of the population over 12 having completed the cycle. A percentage that is close to 86% if we consider who has done at least one dose “.

We need to be ready for a new epidemic from ‘disease x’, in ten or fifty years “, he adds.” The coronavirus – he underlines – taught us that we expected a flu and a pandemic has arrived. We have other viruses, for example those transmitted by mosquitoes, which due to climate change could take on an international dimension. The ones that worry us the most, however, are the respiratory ones. “

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For Rezza there remains the need “to always have personal protective equipment, and activate all that is possible in terms of medical countermeasures. We have to plan right now, to avoid being faced with a new pandemic emergency “, he concludes.

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