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Forlì Fair Becomes Temporary Home for Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics

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Forlì Fair Becomes Temporary Home for Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics


Forlì, Italy – In the wake of the devastating flood in May, the world of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics has found a new temporary home. The local government announced that a pavilion at the Forlì Fair will be transformed into a gym until the flood-damaged facilities can be restored.

The decision to dedicate this space to gymnastics comes as the clubs in the area, which cater to around 400-500 boys and girls, currently find themselves without a proper training facility. The temporary gym aims to provide makeshift training grounds for these athletes during the recovery process.

“The flood has caused significant challenges for both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics clubs in Forlì. We understand the importance of having a dedicated space for these sports disciplines, and that is why we have made this pavilion available,” said Deputy Mayor Daniele Mezzacapo.

The flooding in Forlì resulted in severe damage to existing gymnastics facilities. The local authorities are now working tirelessly to restore the gymnasium and get it up and running again as soon as possible. However, in the meantime, the temporary gym at the Forlì Fair will serve as a crucial interim solution.

The temporary gym aims to accommodate the needs of the affected gym-goers, offering them a safe and well-equipped space to continue their training. The rhythmic and artistic gymnastics clubs expressed their gratitude for the support provided by the local government and showed enthusiasm for the new temporary facility.

“We are extremely grateful to the Forlì authorities for their quick action and commitment to our sport. This temporary gym will allow us to continue practicing and honing our skills until our gym can be restored,” said a representative from one of the clubs.

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The gymnastics community in Forlì is hopeful that with the help of the temporary gym, they can overcome this challenging period and continue to excel in their sports disciplines. The local government remains dedicated to supporting and rejuvenating the gymnastics scene in Forlì, ensuring that budding gymnasts have a space to pursue their dreams.

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