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Four Minors Arrested for Vandalizing and Setting Fire to School in Capaccio

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Four Minors Arrested for Vandalizing and Setting Fire to School in Capaccio

Capaccio Paestum, a small town in Salerno, was shaken by a shocking act of vandalism that took place in their local school. Last May, in a night raid, a group of four minors vandalized the school, setting fire to the furnishings of the gym and stealing computer equipment from classrooms. However, justice has caught up with them as they have now been traced by the carabinieri, Italy’s military police force.

On July 19, the four minors from Capaccio Paestum were served with an order for the application of the precautionary measure of stay at home. This measure was issued at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and approved by the investigating judge of the Salerno Juvenile Court.

The night raid on the school has left the community shocked and appalled. According to the carabinieri of Capaccio Scalo station, the suspects managed to force their way into the school by breaking through an iron grate. They then proceeded to steal computer equipment from the classrooms before deliberately damaging the gymnasium and setting it on fire.

The carabinieri, who arrived shortly after the incident, launched a thorough investigation which revealed “serious indications of guilt against the four minors, thus reconstructing the evolution of the events.”

The severity of the vandalism and the fire at the gymnasium have not gone unnoticed. The carabinieri characterized it as an alarming act committed by the suspects, demonstrating complete disregard for the safety of the surrounding community. The rapid spread of the flames could have caused far worse consequences if not for the timely intervention of the firefighters, who managed to extinguish the fire and prevent further damage to the school.

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The repercussions of this shocking act of vandalism are yet to be determined, but it is clear that the community is united in their condemnation of such behavior. The school will need time and resources to recover from the damage caused, while the minors involved will face legal consequences for their actions.

The lesson here is a reminder that acts of vandalism not only harm the immediate targets but also disrupt and hinder the progress of the entire community. As the investigation continues, Capaccio Paestum hopes to move forward and rebuild, demonstrating resilience in the face of such senseless destruction.

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