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French fries are bad for your health

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French fries are bad for your health

Is eating french fries bad for you? What is true behind this claim? So what are the healthiest ways to cook potatoes? Let’s find out more about this food, loved by adults and children.

Le chips they are one of the most popular foods ever and, in fact, they are now widespread all over the world. Combined with pesce fried in England and ai hamburger in America, they are a truly versatile food, as they can accompany various dishes, but also economic.

Thanks to disposable cartons and containers, besides, you can also enjoy it while you stroll or you do other things, without necessarily having to sit down for enjoy your meal.

Many, however, consider them as food unhealthy and even harmful. What’s real? On frying in general there is always to be careful; but what do the European Union and nutritionists think about this food?

Fried foods and saturated fatty acids: why are they bad?

French fries are bad for your health

You are lovers of chips fast food? In that case you should start lending Attention.

From a research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, in fact, it emerged that french fries are cooked in corn oil, which contains saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids contribute to the onset of heart disease, bad cholesterol (LDL) at the expense of good cholesterol (HDL); in the long run they can therefore be highly damaging to ours body.

When you feel like it, then, better prepare the home fries, avoiding corn oil! But that’s not all …

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French fries: pay attention to the temperature

French fries are bad for your health

Studies agree on the harmfulness of frying but they allow use without exaggerating with some precautions.

Research carried out at the University of Munich, in fact, highlighted the danger of a excessive consumption of chips due toolio, as if brought to temperature very high comes to release carcinogenic substances dangerous for ours body.

That theolio present in fast food fryers was not healthy we have known for some time but these studies have done nothing but highlight it as one substance present inside, theacrilamide, you arrive once you have passed i 180 degrees to become a substance harmful to health.

The problem lies in the smoke point of the oil used and the operating temperature of the fryer; of course if the temperature does not exceed 120 degreesyou do not run certain risks: it is therefore sufficient to lend more Attention.

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