Home Health From Schio the complaint: “Hundreds of GPs missing and unnerving call centers”. Video

From Schio the complaint: “Hundreds of GPs missing and unnerving call centers”. Video

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From Schio the complaint: “Hundreds of GPs missing and unnerving call centers”.  Video

It is an intolerable situation if one thinks of the elderly, especially those alone, and of families with frail or disabled people.

‘Integrated group medicines: an excellence of District 2 that must be protected and enhanced by investing in support figures (study assistants and nurses) and avoiding centralizing too many doctors in Community Homes’.

Also present was the councilor Giacomo Possamai, who in the region battles every day for the defense of public health and who proposed a reform made up of serious investments to focus on basic medicines, last night, at the Rustico Pettinà in Schio.

The Democratic Party has tackled the very serious problem of general practitioners, who are missing, leaving entire communities uncovered. A future scenario that is not at all comforting, given that according to the Fimmg complaint, there will be the retirement of 375 professionals with half a million Venetians, who will be orphaned of a general practitioner.

Gino Ferraresso, Spi Cgil Veneto Welfare Department, highlighted that the quality of care, the services available and the opening hours of the integrated Group Medicine are unmatched by those insured by the individual doctor’s surgery. Both the Ulss and the citizen benefit from it. For example, improper access to the emergency room decreases and fewer tickets are paid. But he too highlights the shortage of doctors which is not only a future prospect, but for many it is already a reality: in the space of 2 years in Ulss 7 there are 15 fewer GPs (or about 15,000 people without a doctor). It is always difficult to get the data from the Region and the most updated date back to 2018: there were 162,190 patients in district 2 with 119 doctors of which 83 organized in integrated group medicines (with support nurses) and 19 in simple group medicines ( with shared call center service), for which 86.5% of doctors in district 2 were already associated. A peculiarity of this territory that must be protected and not distorted.

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“For months the Democratic Party has been asking for a reform with targeted and substantial investments by the region and a project that must recognize a leading role in the categories of health workers. Money is needed to equip doctors who, in half of the cases, have to operate alone. – said Possamai, who is beating his fists in the region with his dem colleagues – We need to push towards integrated group medicines ”.

In addition to addressing the problem of general practitioners, which reached Schio, after having hit the Astico Valley in the heart, where the situation is dramatic, the problem of call centers was also addressed, with the complaint of Giulia Andrian group leader in municipal council of the Democratic Party. The councilor has become a spokesperson for the malaise of citizens, who are forced to spend hours on the phone in order to reach the family doctor. An odyssey that many inhabitants of the Altovicentino can witness.

“The Veneto health system is unable to guarantee adequate health care to a population increasingly in need of care”, said Giulia Andrian, who strongly wanted the conference on a fundamental issue for the quality of life of everyone. we. The well attended meeting was attended, among others, by the president of the conference of mayors of the Ulss 7 district 2 Franco Balzi. The latter recalled how in the territory of district 2 (ex-ulss 7) there is an excellence that distinguishes it from the rest of the region: precisely the diffusion of integrated group medicine (10 out of 70 present in Veneto). But of the 119 doctors in District 2, 40 will soon retire and not all will be replaced. For which a further effort is required: it is necessary to rethink together (ULSS, administrators and doctors) to an organization that can face these upcoming changes.

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Lack of primary care doctors, Pd: ‘Enough victimization, the problem is solved: entire countries without assistance’

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