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from vaccines to masks, here’s what changes

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from vaccines to masks, here’s what changes

The new pandemic plan, crafted by the Government and Regions, is set to be a comprehensive strategy that focuses on vaccines, hygiene, masks, distancing, restrictions, and school closures. This plan is in its final stages, with the State-Regions Conference preparing to sign the agreement as the old plan is set to expire on January 24th.

The new 2024-2028 pandemic plan, which adheres to the guidelines established by the WHO in 2023, introduces several key innovations compared to its predecessor. The plan extends its scope to respiratory transmitted pathogens with greater pandemic potential and sets a five-year duration. It also defines a methodological approach that can be applied to pandemics with different epidemiological characteristics.

The plan emphasizes the importance of vaccines as the most effective preventive measure, with a favorable risk-benefit ratio. It also acknowledges that in emergency conditions, limitations on individual freedoms may be necessary to protect the health of the community. However, these restrictions must remain in force only as much as necessary and be proportionate to the potential risks and damages.

The objectives of the new pandemic plan include reducing the effects of a pandemic caused by respiratory pathogens on the population’s health, minimizing transmission, morbidity, and mortality, coordinating national and local emergency actions, ensuring the continuity of essential services, and empowering the community in the response to a pandemic.

This new plan aims to provide a strategic and cohesive approach to combatting public health crises, with a focus on safeguarding the well-being of the population and healthcare workers. As the final stages of drafting the plan are completed, the Government and Regions are preparing to implement these crucial measures for the years ahead.

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