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funds cut and procedures delayed

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funds cut and procedures delayed

What are the prospects for the psychologist bonus, which was introduced last year and which has also been confirmed for 2023? At the moment the government has decided to cut the funds that were foreseen for this measure, and the procedures for making the request are still delayed: let’s see together what the forecasts are for requests in 2023.

Back to talking about psychologist bonusor, after that attention to mental health it has become an increasingly important paradigm, in schools but not only. Last year, the government decided to allocate funds to help citizens cover the expenses incurred for visits and sessions by the psychologist, even if it must be considered that of the numerous applications received, only a part was correctly accepted.

Il psychologist bonus remains in force for the 2023, but what are the prospects for this facilitation? Considering the data of 2022, it should be specified that they arrived atINPS circa 400 thousand questions – mostly submitted by people under the age of 35 – but only one in ten applicants managed to get the bonus.

The reason? THE funds settled down non They were sufficient to cover all the questions that came.

Psychologist bonus 2023: what happens?


From the 25 million that were allocated in 2022, we moved on to 5 million foreseen in 2023. Il psychologist bonus, after the first approval last year, it was confirmed also for subsequent years, with the idea of ​​making it a structural measure. The cut in funds, however, represents a major obstacle for those who want to access this facilitation.

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By the way, this is not the only obstacle for questions. How to request the psychologist bonus 2023 have not yet been established, and must be communicated following theapproval of an interministerial decree which, however, is slow to arrive: at the moment, therefore, the situation is in a stalemate. Will the government unblock it quickly?

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