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Green Pass, Ricciardi rejects Italy’s no: “Serious choice”

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Green Pass, Ricciardi rejects Italy’s no: “Serious choice”

Italy’s decision to opt out of the global health surveillance network has raised concerns among health experts and professionals. The recent vote in Parliament to reject the World Health Organization’s Green pass has drawn criticism from Walter Ricciardi, a professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University of Rome.

Ricciardi emphasized the importance of international connections in public health and the potential consequences of isolating Italy from global health surveillance mechanisms. He pointed to the ongoing avian flu epidemic in the United States as an example of the interconnected nature of global health crises.

The professor also highlighted the economic implications of inadequate health surveillance, citing the recent swine fever outbreak in Parma that led to a halt in exports of Parma ham. He stressed the need for continued vigilance and prevention measures to avoid similar economic catastrophes in the future.

Ricciardi expressed concern over the emergence of avian virus traces in samples of pasteurized milk in the US, warning of the potential risks of spillover and the transmission of pathogens between species. He urged for increased monitoring and adherence to global health surveillance systems to prevent the spread of pandemics.

The decision to reject the WHO’s global Green pass was described by Ricciardi as a setback for science and public health in Italy. He urged policymakers to reconsider their stance and prioritize international collaborations in the fight against global health threats.

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