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“H-Open Week on women’s health”, free analyzes by the Asp

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“H-Open Week on women’s health”, free analyzes by the Asp

“Agrigento ASP Offers Free Health Services During H-Open Week for Women’s Health

The ASP of Agrigento is offering free health services and information during the “H-Open Week” dedicated to women’s health. Specialist analyzes and consultations will be available tomorrow, Friday, April 19th from 8:30am to 2pm at the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital in Agrigento.

Visitors will have the opportunity to receive free rheumatological visits and consultations at the internal medicine clinic on the fourth floor, staircase B. In addition, an information event titled “Put prevention on the agenda is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd at 9:30am at the “Arentra” educational center in via Mazzini 122, Agrigento.

The meeting is specifically aimed at fifth-year students and teaching staff, focusing on what to know and what to do for women’s health. All initiatives and events can be found on the website www.bollinirosa.it, including information on dates, times, and booking methods.

These initiatives are made possible through the collaboration between the ASP of Agrigento and the national observatory on women’s health. Recently, “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital was awarded three pink labels for their commitment to women’s health.

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