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“He acquired a ‘piece’ of the common cold virus”

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According to the latest ECDC report, the Omicron variant cases currently confirmed in Europe would present mild or even asymptomatic symptoms, with no death. Does this mean that the new South African strain is less dangerous than the Delta variant and the previous Covid mutations? Scientists around the world are recommending caution and are carrying out studies to get answers as quickly as possible. According to Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, Omicron would have acquired a ‘piece’ of the common cold virus and for this reason would present milder symptoms.

Omicron and that ‘piece’ of the cold virus

«After just over a week since it became famous all over the world – wrote Bassetti on Facebook – thanks to researchers from Massachusetts we know something more about the Omicron variant. The new variant that has perhaps unfairly terrorized the world has acquired a ‘piece’ of the common cold virus. This explains why it would give milder clinical pictures, compared to the Delta, very similar to a cold ».


“A more human virus”

«Omicron thanks to this addition of genetic material of the cold virus is more ‘human’ and less animal than the initial SarsCoV2. For this reason it escapes more easily to our immune system which does not recognize it as totally foreign – added the infectious disease specialist -. This is a very interesting research which, if confirmed, would demonstrate for the first time that the Covid virus is spontaneously weakening, losing its initial strength to cause serious illness. At this point it is almost to be hoped that the omicron will supplant the Delta and the other previous variants. It may also be more contagious, but if it looks so much like a cold… ».


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