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Pieve di Soligo, they leave the university to open a carpentry: “We didn’t like Dad”

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Veronica De Bonn and Bruno Francesco Bisol

Now in the Col San Martino workshop the two twenty-year-old friends Francesco Bisol and Veronica De Bona, who founded Demetra, produce rotisseries, grills and other tools for the kitchen

PIEVE DI SOLIGO. At twenty, everything becomes possible. Even leaving the university to open a carpentry. The adventure of Bruno Francesco Bisol and Veronica De Bona, two friends of Pieve di Soligo, began five months ago.

Both studied food science and technology, he at the University of Padua, she in Udine. In the midst of the pandemic, they decided to abandon their studies to look for another way. And they found the opportunity by taking over a carpentry. At the origin of their drastic decision there is the hand of Covid-19: distance learning (Dad) had demotivated them. «Studying from home was less stimulating», says Bruno Francesco Bisol, «and opportunities must be seized on the fly. This is how our story began. We were both enrolled in college when we started talking about this possibility. Then when it became more and more concrete, we decided and we threw ourselves into it ».

Veronica De Bona at work in the carpentry

Bruno Bisol and Veronica De Bona have known each other for some time. Their parents worked together. The opportunity for a new job arose when the old owners of a company that produced rotisseries wanted to sell the business. Thus was born Demeter. In the Col San Martino workshop the two boys started working steel and brass to make rotisseries, grills, garden ovens and other machinery for traditional Venetian and Italian cuisine. Lathes, presses, pillar drills, welding machines did not scare them, much less induce them to give up. Far from it.

«We have broad shoulders», they say proudly, «we are autonomous, we are not lacking in manual skills, we have always given a hand to our parents in their respective companies. The important thing is to have the basics, then you adapt to the respective specificities of the work you are going to do “. «My father has always had a metallic carpentry», Veronica adds, «and I have always gone to help him in the last four summers. That experience has been really useful to me now ». Demetra Srl and the workshop where they work has now become the home of the two young Treviso people. “A typical day starts very early with an office meeting. Then we go to the workshop and work until we finish our programs. Only then do you go home, ”they say.

Bruno Francesco Bisol and Veronica De Bona in their company

To support the two boys in this initial phase there is the old owner who is passing on the secrets of the trade to them. It is he who has created many of the machines in the workshop. «We are the ones who do the work», they are keen to specify, «he is there when he has to teach us certain things». The growth prospects are considerable, the two new entrepreneurs are convinced of this. «We would like to bring the culture of the Venetian spit around Italy and around the world. People need to celebrate and making the spit as a family is always a good reason to be together ». People are on our side, we have received support. Customers are also happy, sometimes they are amazed, positively impressed for our age. Business is turning, the market is still local, but now we want to grow, we are looking at more projects ». Francesca Gallo

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