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He crashes into his ex’s car to try to kill her

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She was on the phone with the police while the man she had reported for stalking and threats followed her along the streets of Carbonia. And she spoke to the police even when the same man behind the wheel of a car drove towards her, trying to kill her. It happened yesterday afternoon on state road 126, the victim being a 45-year-old currently hospitalized at the Brotzu hospital in Cagliari with fractures and trauma. Alessio Zonza, 53, a former security guard, ended up in handcuffs, arrested by the Cagliari Flying Squad on charges of attempted murder, persecutory acts and violation of the approach ban. The man is guarded at the Sirai hospital in Carbonia, where he was hospitalized following the accident: he has a suspected fracture of the pelvis and other bruises, his life is not in danger.

He did not speak to his lawyer, Emilio Mameli, to explain what drove him to try to kill his ex: “He is not in good condition yet”, the lawyer tells ANSA. The femicide attempt took place yesterday afternoon even if the problems between the two began as early as 2022 when, according to what was reconstructed by the Mobile investigators, their relationship ended. From then on Zonza would torment the woman to the point of threatening her and she, worried, decided to contact the police.

The complaint ends up in the Prosecutor’s Office in Cagliari and criminal proceedings arrive for the former security guard with a trial set for next June and a ban on approaching the 45-year-old. A deterrent which, however, did not serve to stop the persecution. According to what was reconstructed by the police, in recent months the threats via telephone and messages, but also the stalking and stakeouts near the workplace, have started again. An unbearable situation for the woman, who just yesterday morning turned to the police again and reported the man for the second time. The attempted murder occurs a few hours later. The victim is aboard his Ford Fiesta when he encounters the Alfa 147 driven by Alessio Zonza for the first time. Not a casual vision, she realizes that she is being followed and calls the Single Number 112 which forwards the communication to the Carbonia police station: “He’s following me”, she says to the police on the phone. A patrol car is immediately sent, but in the meantime the tailing continues. After a few kilometers through the streets of Carbonia, the two cars both find themselves on state road 126, but in the opposite direction: at that very moment Alessio Zonza, according to what was reconstructed by both the Mobile investigators and the Carbonia municipal police officers who intervened for the investigations , crossed the opposite roadway, crashing head-on into the Fiesta. Agents from the Carbonia police station, municipal staff, firefighters and 118 ambulances arrive on site.

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The wound is transported to Brotzu and admitted to the neurosurgery department. Her condition is serious, the doctors keep the prognosis confidential, but her life is not in danger: “she is alert and oriented in time and space”, say the specialists. The 53-year-old is instead waiting to be transferred to the Uta prison at the Sirai hospital in Carbonia. On board the Alfa 147 the police also found a hammer hidden under the carpet.

Mobile investigators have recovered several videos of what happened in Carbonia and in at least one of these the phases of the incident would have been immortalized: a film in which there would be all the elements that confirm Zonza’s intention to try to kill the woman .

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