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he punches her

MIRA – Madness in the surgery in Mira. A six months pregnant nurse was allegedly attacked by a patient whose blood pressure she was measuring for asking him to wear a mask. This was reported in a press release by the Order of Nursing Professions of Venice (OPI). “The problem of violence against healthcare workers is dangerously increasing and is absolutely unacceptable. Furthermore, in the case of the colleague who worked in integrated group medicine in Mira, the attack is even more serious given the condition of the professional: six months pregnant». The provincial president ofOpi Venice (Opi) Marina Bottacin in this way he expresses his closeness to the attacked colleague and her family members. The incident happened yesterday in a clinic in Mira.

The attack in the clinic

According to the Opi Venezia press release, an elderly man around 75 entered the clinic out of breath asking for someone to measure his blood pressure. However, the man – an assistant of one of the integrated medicine doctors – would have arrived outside reception hours and for this reason he would have been initially stopped. The AM nurse, six months pregnant, hearing the patient’s insistent requests, would have decided to let him in, taking care of the case directly. Then chaos. «He simply asked the patient to wear a mask – continues the press release – when he repeated it to him for the second time, the man went on a rampage and he punched her. She managed to dodge him even if only partially. There were other people in the waiting room who heard the nurse screaming and rushed the man out. After the attack, the woman went to the emergency room to get an official report. You were given 5 days of prognosis ».

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The condemnation of the doctors

Stop also the condemnation of Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg). “Violence is always unjustifiable. When it affects those who take care of others, it also becomes intolerable”. The provincial secretary of Fimmg Venezia Maurice Scasola thus he comments, with great bitterness, on the attack suffered by the nurse.

“We live,” he adds Stefano Rigo, Fimmg Venice referent for Ulss 3 Serenissima – in a state of continuous tension. We know how many critical issues there are in relations with users, how many episodes undermine the doctor-patient bond every day and jeopardize the serenity of our work and of all the staff at our side, who sacrifice themselves by enduring this aggression with us. This episode, then, is even more cowardly and serious because it affects a pregnant nurse who continued her activity anyway: it really means that by now there is no longer any respect, not even for situations of primary importance like this”.

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