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He updates “Eldon’s Circle” intelligence every day, “No update today” after almost a year and finally cried with joy | 4Gamers

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From Software’s “Elden Ring” (Elden Ring) was re-exposed at this summer’s game festival after a long absence. Many fans climaxed just by seeing the monsters, not to mention waiting for new news every day. Man, I must have weeped with joy when I saw the trailer last night. This is the case for Mordecai, because he has been doing the film for “The Ring of Eldon” for nearly a year.

Since “The Ring of Eldon” was released, the original author of “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones), George R.R. Martin, has joined hands with the development team of “Dark Souls” and “Sekiro”. The new work co-created by From Software has always been highly anticipated by fans. In order to express his support for this work, Mordecai has opened a YouTube channel “Elden Ring News” since June 16, 2020, and uploads an “Elden Ring News” every day. Eldon’s Ring” update information.

The first film is only 20 seconds long, and the focus is only “Today there is no news about “Eldon’s Circle”.

Yes, many people know that until last night’s latest trailer, there was almost no news about “The Ring of Eldon”, but Mordecai still persisted every day, uploading a movie every day, with a low, a little discouraged, but not lost The tone of hope tells every audience the same sentence.

“Today there is no news about “The Ring of Eldon”.”


Although occasionally some seconds will exceed 20 seconds, most of Mordecai’s uploads belong to the series of scrap films, but even if it is a simple sentence, his videos have more than 10,000 views and continue to accumulate subscription fans for him. , Also has a little popularity in the community.

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Of course, if there is any leaked news of “The Ring of Eldon”, he would not let it go. Later, he even started looking for different guests to update the daily “The Ring of Eldon”, such as “The Curse of Blood” Crow Ai Lin’s voice actor Jacqueline Boatswain was responsible for the update of one of the episodes on April 2nd, and he also brought a line in the game: “The hunter’s vocation is to hunt.”

Finally, the latest trailer of “The Ring of Eldon” was publicly released on June 11, and Mordecai was also watched in full screen on the channel at the same time, and wept with joy, and was rewarded.

Until the day when the game is released next year, Mordecai will continue to update the “Eldon Circle” daily for his community fans.

FromSoftware’s latest work “The Circle of Eldon” is scheduled to be on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC Steam platforms on January 21, 2022. It supports 1 to 4 players.


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