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Healthy aging – how cells can age healthily

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Healthy aging – how cells can age healthily

New scientific findings may open up a perspective for healthy aging of our cells

Healthy aging – how cells can age healthily / editorial team bioresonanz-zukunft.de

Lindenberg, September 28, 2023. A fascinating insight into the processes of our cells allowed researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry to discover a mechanism that may help our cells age healthily. The Bioresonance editorial team explains the exciting findings and draws conclusions from them.

To prevent proteins from accumulating in the cells, which lead to serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the body must constantly break down so-called incorrect proteins. This refers to proteins in which errors occur during their construction.

A specific protein plays an important role here, the so-called GCN1 protein. This “firefighting protein,” as the scientists describe it, initiates the crucial process so that the faulty proteins are eliminated.

As we age, it is more common for these proteins to become defective. The risk of illness is correspondingly high and typical diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases are increasing.

Research has shown that a malfunction of the “firefighter protein” causes proteins to accumulate and aggregate. In the future, scientists hope to use these study results to find a way to support healthy aging of our cells.

(Source: Can we help our cells age healthily? Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Science Information Service (idw))

Conclusion and recommendation of the bioresonance experts

These findings are exciting for users of bioresonance therapy. They also try to support the cells, in this case with the help of frequencies on an energetic level. Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, for example, has extensive programs with a variety of frequency spectra that are related to the cells and their components.

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Since bioresonance therapy does not treat diseases, but rather supports the body in self-regulation, it is important to use this modern form of therapy when aging. The bioresonance expert explained in a specialist article what options there are: aging, disease, regulation and bioresonance.

Important note: Bioresonance belongs to the field of empirical medicine. Classical medicine has neither accepted nor recognized the effect of bioenergetic vibrations.

The editorial team at www.bioresonanz-zukunft.de regularly publishes current information about bioresonance. From the background to the possible applications, with numerous reports directly from the practicing practices. But also about advances in science.

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