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here is the news in Fvg

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here is the news in Fvg

In Fvg, the medical prescription will be loaded on the health card.

It will be by September easier to retrieve the prescription for drug prescriptions: it will be loaded directly on the health card, without the need to go to the doctor to collect it. A great saving of time, given that we often find ourselves queuing up at the clinic just to get it.

The news comes thanks to a signed agreement by the health commissioner Riccardo Riccardi and the representatives of Federfarma Friuli Venezia Giulia Luca Degrassi and of Assofarma and United Pharmacies
Alessandra Forgiarini involving over 400 health points on the territory.

“The agreement is the result of an important work of concertation and sharing of objectives and results between the Region, Health Trusts and the trade association of pharmacies affiliated with the regional health system – explained Riccardi -, he three-year term with the possibility of extension and will be able to contribute, with the creation of new projects and the implementation of the existing ones, to give important answers to the citizen. An agreement that comes from afar: we would not have managed the pandemic without it the alliance with these health principalsfundamental in bookings, in health surveillance and in the vaccination campaign “.

The agreement provides for the implementation of existing activities and the planning of new ones, with the accessibility improvement which translates into the evolution of the proximity service in favor of the citizen and in digitization.

By September – explained Riccardi – it will be Trial started in some pharmacies pilot for direct access to the health record. It is a question of completing the process of dematerialisation of the recipe, overcoming the constraints related to privacy, through access to the prescription by pharmacies through the Electronic Health Record (ESF). It will be a step that will allow the simplification of procedures to allow secure access to dematerialized recipes through the ESF. From here on, a whole series of interactions can be developed for broaden the range of services such as, for example, the monitoring of the appropriateness of the use of drugs and the adherence of patients to therapy”.

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In summary, the agreement provides for the creation of a development plan for new services with a wide range of activities, defining the concrete launch of the services pharmacy activities (adherence to vaccination campaigns, blood chemistry and instrumental tests to avoid overloading hospitalshealth promotion, therapeutic adherence, screening campaigns).

There are two specific funding schemes for pharmacies: 1.6 million euros for the start of the activities of the Services pharmacy for the entire duration of the agreement e 1.5 million for the digitization process for the three-year term of the agreement to be divided into equal shares for each pharmaceutical site.

At the centre, the councilor Riccardo Riccardi

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