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Searches of the Ros, targeted by right-wing extremists – Campania

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Searches of the Ros, targeted by right-wing extremists – Campania

In the provinces of Naples and Salerno

(ANSA) – NAPLES, JUNE 29 – A dozen searches were carried out between the provinces of Naples and Salerno by the Carabinieri del Ros, on the orders of the Campania capital’s prosecutor’s office, against exponents believed to be close to the extreme right. The operation is kept confidential by the investigators.

According to what has been learned, however, sympathizers of a composite galaxy – supremacists, no-vax, neo-Nazis – would have ended up in the crosshairs, who would have carried out propaganda and proselytizing actions, without excluding the possibility of violent actions.

The searches, against as many suspects, would have been carried out, among other things, also in the city of Naples and in Cava de’ Tirreni.

The Naples prosecutor’s office has already investigated neo-Nazi groups in recent months, in particular the Ordine di Hagal association, subject to a series of searches in 2021 and four arrests last November. The group spread their theories based on white supremacy and Holocaust denial on the web (through a site that was later blacked out) and in a series of meetings. In the material acquired by the investigators also images related to Hitler, Mussolini and in general to the reference mythology of Nazism. During the covid period, the Order of Hagal had also distinguished itself for strong no vax propaganda used, according to the accusatory hypothesis, to attract new proselytes. From the intercepts of the investigation it emerged that some members of the association had participated in training courses in the use of weapons and in hand-to-hand combat. They also wanted to organize, but without success, extreme survival courses abroad. (HANDLE).

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