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Hopelessness as the beginning of change

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Hopelessness as the beginning of change

Many people in industrialized countries are successful and financially secure but unfortunately not happy. Why is that? Why is the combination of prosperity and unhappiness becoming a mass phenomenon and how can I achieve change within myself and society so that success can again be combined with quality of life and happiness, with joy and ease.

When a person suddenly becomes ill, experiences a great loss, fails in an important matter, or catastrophic events occur, only then do some people begin to think about what is really important to them in life. Then the question of change and transformation arises. Change is a buzzword.

Suddenly the concept of security has been thrown out the window and people want change, quality of life, clarity and the courage to redefine their goals again.

And man understands that it is necessary to ask questions of wisdom and to know how to find the path to happiness, which is necessary to be able to deeply feel joy and happiness.

People begin to ponder whether their behavior, their thoughts and the resulting feelings are really good for them and they begin to desire clarity about what will make them happy and healthy. A great desire arises for truthfulness in life, for ease and the associated quality of life.

Gaining clarity also means understanding that there is no such thing as security.

But we can learn to choose the right course in the ocean of life. We can learn to relax into the uncertainty of life, to become truly alive, to be truly awake.

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It means recognizing transience and change. We can build a solid foundation for our lives. We can design our areas of life harmoniously. There are very clear ways and methods for this.

And that means developing, vibrating with life. Change, change, change, clarity and courage are words that are related to this.

Most people experience stimulus-response. If the events are positive, they consider themselves lucky. If events are unfavorable, they consider themselves sad. Your self-esteem often fluctuates greatly due to this reaction pattern.

They sometimes think they can achieve security by defeating others in battle, and that’s what it looks like socially. Courage for good cooperation with one another would make sense.

Whether it’s war reports, bestseller lists of books, eco-labels on food, school grades, case law, claims from experts, scientific studies or declarations of love. Everything can be manipulated today. It’s about quick success, about defeating others, about power. A selfishness is spreading, which in the meantime leaves us in a miserable landscape of lies of our own creation.

As a result, there is also a great longing for change, for honesty, respect and clarity in cooperation. We should seize this opportunity, this longing for a wise life and let change begin with our actions.

Inner wisdom demands love, joy, lightness and connection. Keynote speaker and qualified psychologist Delia Müller talks about this in her rousing lecture on the topic:

Change, change and change: “Breaking out of the psychological trap”

Through her truly excellent and touching lecture, Delia Müller, keynote speaker and qualified psychologist, shows us how you don’t just float along in the ocean of life, how you don’t let yourself be steered by the trend alone, but how you set the sails yourself and set the course his positive desired goals. She also shows us how to find the right crew to love the wind and enjoy the ride. The psychologist knows that she needs experience in dealing with the power of existence, she needs clarity and methods.

Change, change and courage are her trademarks that determine her own life. Starting from a life as an artist and cultural manager in the East to becoming self-employed as a therapist, lecturer and author in the field of psychology in today’s Germany, she was able to gain a lot of experience in dealing with life changes and changing social circumstances. And she knows that reinventing yourself can be a joy and a great gain. Because true liveliness, courage and creativity make us feel positive. We grow through our challenges and strengthen our roots.

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It’s about solving development tasks.

The concept of development tasks must also be redefined. It is particularly important at this time to combine ethics and success.

And so it is the questions themselves, when we pursue them, that reveal the secrets of being to us. RMRilke wrote that so wonderfully.

What does happiness mean? What does love mean? What does success mean? There is no fixed happiness because life means constant change. We can live consciously and create progress that is actually valuable. To do this, it is necessary to redefine what we really need as humans and how we share our assets. The power lies in our ability to create ourselves. Each person decides for themselves whether we prefer lies or manipulation, greed or, better yet, compassion, clarity, wisdom and the joy of creativity. This is our very personal responsibility. It’s so clear that you only keep what you love. You can only love what you recognize. And there are ways to look wider and clearer at what is truly lovable. The lecture: “Breaking Out of the Psychological Trap” by qualified psychologist Delia Müller allows us to see this in a very special way, which is characterized by the many personal stories that she has to tell and her great experience as a psychologist.

Delia Müller Institute

Delia Müller Institute
Delia Müller
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