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How to have white teeth? Two sessions at the dentist or a treatment at home are all it takes

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It is not for nothing that he is called Hollywood. The bright smile, if not quite as dazzling as that of the stars, is one of the main aesthetic aspirations for Americans. Which in fact are in first place among the passionate populations of teeth whitening, o teeth bleaching: teeth whitening.


Covid, the effect also on the caries of the little ones

by Fabio Di Todaro

This was recently confirmed by a research by ExpressDentist.com, which through an updated seo analysis at the end of April 2021 has drawn up the ranking of the countries in which the most online searches are carried out with the keywords for those who want impeccable nail polish (the numbers would therefore be even higher considering those who ask for information directly in the studies dentists).

Covid: Pandemic stress also consumes teeth

by Tina Simoniello

The US leads the sprint, with around 960,000 search results per year – more than 2,600 per day – followed by Great Britain with 576,000, and then down to Turkey and France. Italy, where “teeth whitening” (searches with English terms are excluded from the count) is typed about 15 thousand times a month, or 180 thousand in a year, is in seventh place in the ranking.

Thus parents give up on taking care of their children for financial problems

by Claudia Carucci

“Moreover, requests are constantly growing, both for professional treatments and for those to be performed independently at home. Also because – he explains Gianluca Romanò, dentist surgeon in Milan – it is a practice that technically concerns only the teeth but in fact has a strong positive impact on a psychological level: the mouth is, for better or for worse, among the very first things that are perceived when one enters into relationship with others“.

Periodontitis, how to save your teeth

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On everyone’s lips. “As for many other things, the offer is now very wide. The substantial difference is between choosing a home whitening – with products that can be purchased independently (in pharmacies, online or even at the supermarket) but also with masks prepared by the dentist – or doing the so-called office bleaching, professional whitening. It is implied that between one type of practice and another the difference is abysmal. Speaking of active substances, products for home use are usually based on carbamide, while in professional ones, peroxide is used. hydrogen which – translating in terms that are not exactly rigorous but understandable – corresponds to a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is quite complex, and above all requires a preventive clinical study to establish whether or not there are favorable conditions. Bleaching does not work. in short, carried out on anyone, only because it is requested “.

Covid, we brushed our teeth less during the pandemic

What to consider before proceeding. If for example you suffer from dentinal sensitivity (in the heat, in the cold, in contact with particular foods), if the collars are uncovered in an important way or if there are bleeding of the gums and teeth with tartar deposits, the treatment should be avoided. “Not absolutely – specifies the doctor Roman – but as long as those conditions are in place. We proceed first by arranging the general picture, and when the patient from periodontal disease (ie with pathologies that involve the tissues around the tooth, starting from the gum to get to the bone, ed) becomes a healthy patient, we can proceed with bleaching. However, always informing clearly that the more the starting conditions are compromised – teeth spoiled by excessive smoking, poor oral hygiene or problems deriving from real pathologies, as in the case of diabetes – the less the whitening will have the results that perhaps the patient expects.

Teeth: the rules of the perfect smile

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Another important thing the patient needs to be aware of is that your teeth cannot all become chalky white. We start from a histological discussion concerning the tooth itself, whose color is given by the deepest part and depends both on the individual characteristics and on any external factors: fluorosis spots may be present, caused by the excessive administration of fluoride very frequent in the past. , or from antibiotics such as tetracyclines. In these cases, whitening can certainly help but not solve. And again, i devitalized teeth are grayer due to contact with the iron of hemoglobin which is deposited inside the dentinal tubules. In this case, with standard whitening, a lighter shade is obtained, but in any case different from that of the adjacent teeth, and to achieve uniformity it is necessary to cover the tooth with a veneer or a ceramic crown, or alternatively open it to perform the whitening from the inside “.

One day without a toothbrush is enough to damage your teeth

by Irma D’Aria

In the studio. On average the professional procedure involves two sessions. A preparatory, during which a thorough cleaning of the plaque is carried out and the patient is given precise indications to follow for oral hygiene. This appointment must precede the other by a few days, both so that the gums are not inflamed by cleaning, and to be sure that there are no tiny traces of the products used during the hygiene on the tooth surface, which would interfere with the whitening gel. The actual bleaching session then lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes, and begins by completely isolating the oral cavity, the gums and, externally, the lips. Each part of the mucosa must be carefully protected, because contact with the whitening liquid would cause major abrasions.

Teeth, a manual for not grinding them

by Irma D’Aria

Again the specialist: “To understand, a kind of fluid rubber is applied to the gums that is hardened after being spread, so as to be sure of optimal coverage. Using syringes with microneedles or small brushes, then, apply the whitening product, and to activate it by facilitating its penetration into the enamel, lasers or LED lamps are used. You proceed step by step, applying, leaving on and then removing the product several times “.

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At home. Home treatment is much simpler. It involves wearing masks for a few consecutive nights (from 3 to 7 depending on the products) inside which a gel is placed which, as we said, is mostly based on carbamide. The product is not activated by light and works gradually over the nights. It must be said that home whitening can have two different purposes, depending on which it is more or less effective. If it is carried out as the only whitening practice, the results, however valid, cannot of course be compared to professional ones. Conversely, however, home treatment is very useful if repeated periodically as a maintenance after outpatient bleaching.

Teeth whitener: Too much hydrogen peroxide in those bought online

by Enrico Franceschini

“Also because – concludes Dr. Romanò – my experience is that whitening acts as a strong motivational boost even on people who previously cared for mouth hygiene in a superficial way. Seeing themselves with white teeth as they never were can really affect the perception of oneself “.

In the next days. The first week after teeth whitening is a relatively delicate phase, during which it is important to have some extra attention. Acid foods and drinks in general should be avoided, because the prisms that make up the enamel have been “separated”, the tooth is more vulnerable (even normal sensitivity increases for a few days). Also t should be limited as much as possibleè, coffee, red wine and cigarette smoke. Among the foods not to bring to the table for once there are also vegetables: specifically those containing iron such as spinach, artichokes and the anti-anemic beets.


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