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I BRING – Greetings – News – AUSTRALIA

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I BRING – Greetings – News – AUSTRALIA
After Israel, Usa e CanadaAustralia is now the fourth government agency to implement a compassionate use program for psychedelic-assisted therapies to treat mental health conditions.

As of July 1, 2023, the psychiatrists of Authorized Prescribing Program will be licensed to administer psychedelic-assisted therapies in controlled clinical settings. Among other safety constraints, the new TGA regulations require licensed prescribers to obtain informed consent from the patient, be approved by an ethics committee, and “have the appropriate training and experience for the condition being treated and the proposed use of the product”.

the association does not receives and is against public funding (also 5 per thousand)
Its economic strength are inscriptions and contributions donated by those who deem it useful

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