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“I have rare pain, skip tour”

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“I have rare pain, skip tour”

Celine Dion announces her illness – “It’s difficult – continues the singer in the video – for me to face these difficulties and talk about what is happening to me. I was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called ‘stiff person syndrome’, which affects one in a million people” .

She explains that little is known about this syndrome, but now she knows what causes the spasms that affect every aspect of her daily life. “Unfortunately – she adds – these spasms make it difficult for me to walk and do not allow me to use my vocal cords as usual. It hurts me to tell you that this means that I will not be able to resume my tour in Europe in February”.

Voice cracking with emotion, Celine Dion says she is still surrounded by great doctors who are helping her get better. The pop star doesn’t hide that it’s an uphill battle because all she’s ever done is sing; “It’s the thing I love the most,” she stressed.

In tears, he then greeted his fans, also underlining that he missed them and that of the stage. “I always give 100% during my shows, but this condition doesn’t allow me at the moment… I love you so much and I hope to see you again very soon”.

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Dion had already canceled the North American legs of her tour last January and her European dates in April. Among the dates that will skip there is also that of the Lucca Summer Festival scheduled for 15 July 2023.

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