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“I paid 160,000 euros – for the most painful cosmetic surgery in the world”

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“I paid 160,000 euros – for the most painful cosmetic surgery in the world”

His size was his biggest Achilles heel: A Colombian Instagram star spent a whopping 160,000 euros on the “most painful operation of all time”.

He finally wanted to be taller – and accepted extreme pain for it: Instagram star Yeferson Cossio (29) revealed that he had an operation to make his legs another 15 centimeters longer – to a height of 1.83 meters to come.

“I am neither a dwarf nor the greatest,” Cossio said in Spanish in a video posted to Instagram. “Yes, my legs are pretty, but I hate them… I’m confident but unhappy with some parts of my body – and I’m spending a few hundred million pesos to change that.”

Instagram star spends 160,000 euros on the most painful cosmetic surgery

Cossio, who has more than 28 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, estimates that he spent between 200 million and 700 million Colombian pesos on the treatment – the equivalent of around 50,000 to 165,000 euros.

View an Instagram post from Cossio showing the device on his legs here:

What he got for that sum: a painful operation. First, Cossio’s bones were broken, then a metal rod was inserted into the gap, and an external device then helped to enlarge and stretch the gap several times a day. By a millimeter. Cossio had to painfully lengthen his legs for around six months before he reached his new height of 1.83 m.

“As the space between the ends of the bone opens, the body continues to produce new tissue in the gap until the desired length of the bone is reached,” the hospital explains to the New York Post about the procedure. The patient then needs to receive physiotherapy treatment in order to get used to walking with the new legs.

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Cossio explained that this is probably the most painful plastic surgery in the world, but at least he seems happy with his new size. He explained that he would not have the procedure carried out again.

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