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«I would like you to die, I will make holy cards»

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«I would like you to die, I will make holy cards»

You’ve Got Mail has finally returned to the homes of Italians to keep them company with various stories that always move and excite the public. One of the events that most involved viewers was certainly that of Luana who together with her husband Carmine he doesn’t hang out with his parents parents for a year and a half. The last argument occurred aftertermination of pregnancy. On that occasion, Luana lashed out at her, accusing her of not having given her “any assistance”. “I wish you would die, I’ll make holy cards,” Luana told her in a moment of outburst.

Luana’s words

The story of Luana and her family was the second story presented by Maria De Filippi. Luana’s family contacted C’è Posta Per Te to try to reconnect with their daughter Luana and her husband Carmine. «There were many discussions even before marriage, during the confirmation – underlined Luana –. We had argued with a cousin who we had reported. My mother forced us to withdraw the complaint. In that case we moved from right to wrong. They were offended that we didn’t go there on August 22nd for their anniversary. At that moment they threw everything back at us.”

De Filippi then turned to Luana, pointing out that her parents hadn’t quite understood that they had made a mistake: «”Just apologize to make peace” is easy – said the presenter, addressing Luana’s parents –. Your parents didn’t understand what they did wrong. You were interested in this peace because one word was enough to have it. We start from the assumption of the good faith of your parents.”

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«Your mother didn’t realize that she hurt you – continued the presenter -. Luana, but is the word sorry that important? Isn’t love or affection more important?”.

Carmine’s words

«They said that Luana has changed since she has been with me. I have accepted many lies. But she’s fine with me. The complaint against the cousin was removed only thanks to me.” And Maria immediately insisted: “But is there something you don’t do well, Carmine or not?”.

The story ended with a “secret reunion” between Luana, Carmine and Maria before expressing the final decision. «Luana also asks for respect for her husband Carmine – explained De Filippi before opening the envelope -. He says that he tried in every way to get along with you and he wants respect.” And the story ended with a hug, lots of emotion and a few jokes.


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