Home Health If you have blood sugar, do not eat this food: here is which one

If you have blood sugar, do not eat this food: here is which one

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If you have blood sugar, do not eat this food: here is which one

The term “glycaemia” indicates the grouping of glucose in the blood. Glucose plays a substantial role as it is an indispensable nutrient for cells since it acts in support of all their functions.

Glucose is assimilated through food but can also be synthesized by the body and its levels are regulated by specific mechanisms. For people in good health, during the day the blood sugar assumes values ​​between 60 and 130 mg / dl, while fasting varies between 70 and 110 mg / dl. Between 110 and 125 mg / dl fasting we speak of hyperglycemia. In case of high blood sugar it is important to know what to consume and what to avoid.

If you have blood sugar, do not eat this food: here is which one

In particular, with hyperglycemia it is necessary to avoid eating some foods and prefer others which, on the contrary, are useful in regulating blood sugar levels. Among the foods to avoid in case of high blood sugar there are obviously sugar, sweets, sugary drinks and baked goods prepared with refined flours. The latter, being foods with a high glycemic index, quickly increase blood glucose levels, thus favoring hyperglycemia.

The cooking of pasta or vegetables must be short, so as not to raise the glycemic index of the food in question too much. In the case of high blood sugar it is also essential to avoid especially fatty meats which, despite not having a high glucose content, are full of fats that favor overweight and the onset of cardiovascular diseases usually associated with hyperglycemia.

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Other foods not to overdo are also non-whole grains, potatoes and sugary fruits such as grapes, figs, dates or chestnuts. We add that In case of high blood sugar, the foods to be preferred are, conversely, low glycemic index foods containing a high percentage of fibers such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish and lean meats.

Even oil seeds and dried fruit are excellent companions due to the content of good fats, also suitable for keeping the glycemic index of the meal low. Different attention should also be paid to fruit, trying to prefer the one with the highest fiber content and lowest sugar content.

Citrus fruits, for their content of fibers, organic acids and antioxidants, are the fruits to be preferred, together with strawberries, apples or berries.

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