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Influence: Pregliasco, peak in December. Get vaccinated now – Healthcare

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Influence: Pregliasco, peak in December.  Get vaccinated now – Healthcare

“Those circulating now are respiratory viruses that give symptoms similar to the flu, but the epidemic peak of flu viruses is expected later, at the end of December. Although there is still time to get vaccinated against the flu, it is good to do it now because the immune response to vaccination takes about two weeks to fully develop.” This is what Fabrizio Pregliasco, associate professor of General and Applied Hygiene, University of Milan and medical director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Hospital said, commenting on a survey conducted by Ipsos for Sanofi on the progress of the vaccination campaign.

The survey, conducted on a representative sample of 250 adults over the age of 65 between 14 October and 15 November 2022, revealed that only 31% of Italians over 65 underwent the flu vaccination .

The percentage is well below the average in the Center (20%) while it is higher in the South (44%), while remaining far from the minimum target of 75% set by the Ministry of Health for the target populations. Furthermore, according to the survey, 23% of those interviewed who have not yet received the vaccine have at least one chronic disease or risk factor.

“The flu vaccination is recommended for all people aged 60 and over regardless of the presence or absence of chronic conditions, since advancing age is in itself a factor of greater susceptibility to infections,” added Pregliasco. “Below this age threshold, it is advisable to vaccinate those suffering from chronic diseases, even those not of a respiratory nature, since it has been demonstrated that there is a greater risk of severe forms of flu.”

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