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Intermittent Fasting or Calorie Counting: Which is Better?

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Intermittent Fasting or Calorie Counting: Which is Better?

Some swear by intermittent fasting, others count and prefer to meticulously limit the calories at every meal to lose weight. A current study from the USA now shows that it doesn’t matter how you do it. The only important thing is to reduce the total number of calories per day.

Scientists at the University of the US State of Illinois in Chicago divided obese adults into three groups: During intermittent fasting, the subjects consumed an average of 425 fewer calories per day. In the second group, with the goal of minus 25 percent calorie intake, it was 405 fewer calories per day.

After twelve months, the test subjects had lost an average of 4.61 kilograms more body weight through intermittent fasting than the persons in the control group without intervention. With calorie restriction, on the other hand, it was minus 5.42 kilograms. The difference is not statistically significant, study author Shuhao Lin explained.

Equivalent Methods

A Chinese study recently brought similar results in terms of weight loss. In the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, there was no statistically significant difference in waist circumference, body fat percentage, blood pressure and other metabolic risk factors.

Regarding the results, it was noted that intermittent fasting is apparently easier for some people: you don’t have to count calories.


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