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Introducing Forward’s CarePod: The World’s First AI Doctor’s Office

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Introducing Forward’s CarePod: The World’s First AI Doctor’s Office

Introducing CarePods: The World‘s First AI Doctor’s Office

Accessing healthcare has long been a challenge for many due to long wait times and limited availability. This global issue has prompted the startup Forward to introduce an innovative solution – the CarePod. Described as “the world‘s first AI doctor’s office,” the CarePod aims to provide self-service healthcare options to individuals.

Patients can simply walk in, check in with an app, and have access to vital sign measurements, biometric body scans, blood tests, and additional screening options. This self-service unit, equipped with AI-based diagnostic tools, is designed for preventive care and follow-up. Forward believes that its health apps can help individuals manage various diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, depression, and anxiety.

All data collected during a patient’s visit is transmitted to Forward’s care platform, which utilizes a combination of AI and human medical staff to monitor treatment response, identify disease risks, and assess users’ health. The CarePods will be placed in public spaces such as shopping malls, gyms, and offices, with plans to expand its presence in major urban areas by 2024.

To fund the manufacturing and deployment of CarePods, Forward has raised $100 million in growth capital. The service will operate on a membership model, starting at $99 a month.

While the CarePods cannot replace traditional healthcare methods, its focus on prevention and monitoring could alleviate the strain on primary care. Watch the official CarePods announcement video for more information.

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