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Is there a diet to reduce inflammation and joint pain?

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Is there a diet to reduce inflammation and joint pain?

What foods should I avoid to lower the inflammations at joints and you have tendons?

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Answers the professor Francesco Ursinihead of the Medicine and Rheumatology Department of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna.

Improving your lifestyle is essential to reduce pains related to rheumatic diseases and to control the symptoms. The overall health benefits are manifold, however, we must not make the mistake of thinking that there are miracle diets or foods that must be completely excluded from our diet to get better. The secret is simpler than imagined: follow one healthy dietto practise physical activity ed avoid smoking e alcohol.


There is no evidence that a specific diet can modify the symptoms and course of rheumatic diseases. The literature data, summarized in the recommendations of the European Society of Rheumatology, highlight how a rheumatic patient, to get better, must eat a healthy diet. However, to avoid further and serious complications, one cannot think that a healthy and correct lifestyle can completely replace the necessary medical therapies. Here are some tips:

  • Lose weight if you are overweight or obese with a balanced low-calorie diet prepared and followed by a professional
  • to consume little saltmassimo 5 grams per dayincluding salt naturally contained in food or added to it
  • assume few simple sugars: Must not exceed 12 teaspoons, including sugar naturally contained in fruit or added to various processed foods
  • favor unsaturated fats such as those found in fish or olive oil
  • to consume fruits and vegetables in abundance (5 servings per day according to WHO guidelines)
  • to practise physical exercise to obtain benefits on pain, joint function and quality of life in general
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People with rheumatic diseases should be aware that following a specific diet, consuming certain types of foods, or eliminating others, are very unlikely to have substantial and decisive benefits. For this reason, elimination diets or do-it-yourself diets should be avoided which, in addition to having no benefits, if not minimal, can expose the patient to risks for her health.


The drugs prescribed for patients with rheumatological diseases have a fair hepatotoxic potential so, to limit the risk of developing liver damageand not recommend the assumption of alcohol. Additionally, patients should be advised that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of rheumatism and exacerbation dell’rheumatoid arthritis and of gotta. People with rheumatic diseases should also be encouraged to quit smoking as smoking is harmful to symptoms, disease progression and the onset of co-morbidities related to rheumatological diseases.

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