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Italy loves Romagna, Elodie makes a silent scene: in the climax the frost falls on the stage

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Italy loves Romagna, Elodie makes a silent scene: in the climax the frost falls on the stage

Forty-nine thousand admissions, 50 live songs, over one million and 800 thousand euros raised. These are the numbers of ‘Italia loves Romagna’, the concert-event organized to support the populations affected by the flood that lit up the Campovolo Arena in Reggio Emilia. The evening, conducted by Amadeus, Alessia Marcuzzi, Giorgio Panariello and Francesca Fagnani, was enlivened by many famous artists. Among these, Elodie, a star of the current Italian pop. The singer, called to close the concert together with Gianni Morandi and Fiorella Mannoia, however, had to deal with a disastrous unexpected event: now on stage, she was forced to improvise a song that she did not know. The stage is frozen.

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Great fool for Elodie on the stage of ‘Italia loves Romagna’, the mega-concert created to support the populations affected by the terrible flood with a fundraiser. Great protagonist of the charity event broadcast live on Rai 1, the singer, who now tops the Italian music charts, was chosen to conclude the event together with two highly appreciated artists, Gianni Morandi and Fiorella Mannoia. The three sang a beautiful piece by Lucio Dalla, ‘Vita’, warmed by the warmth of the audience.

The performance, however, after being filled with applause, did not end as expected. Gianni Morandi, probably to pay homage to the spectators and his land, granted one more song. The singer sang “There was a boy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones like me”, involving the two colleagues present, complete with hugs. If Fiorella Mannoia was not found unprepared, Elodie was clearly taken aback. Her facial expression, in fact, also betrayed the attempt to mask the gaffe. The 33-year-old looked uncomfortable and hinted that she didn’t know the words to the song.

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The hilarious scene quickly went viral. There were many users who shared the video and commented on Elodie’s reaction in an amusing way: “Her desire to escape was perceptible even from home” or “She unaware of an iconic song and Mannoia holding her by the arm”.

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