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JESI / “Martiri” School, Francesco Coltorti: “And the gym?”

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The municipal councilor intervenes on the physical education activity that is carried out in the square, in the classroom or in a room if the children, transferred from the original location in via Asiago, are not too many

JESI, October 26, 2021 – The City Council next October 28 will be the occasion to go back to talking about school Martyrs of Liberty: the advisor of Jesi in the Municipality, Francesco Coltorti, presented ainterrogation what he wants shed light onmotor education activities.

The gym of the Martyrs of Liberty is in via Asiago (close-up photo) and the school, for gymnastics, asked to be able to use it as it was before the pandemic when, despite being the full time al Gemma Perchi of Borgo Minonna, and the normal at the Frederick II of piazzale San Savino, they came accompanied by minibuses.

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“The gym – writes the councilor – it was not granted because there are no means of transport. Whereas in the current headquarters of Piazza Federico II there is no real gym and that the school is carrying out the activity in the classrooms e in the square, where however the passage of strangers does not facilitate the didactic activity, I ask how the municipal administration intends to intervene».

The current headquarters has a room for gymnastics but cannot be used if the number of boys and girls is high, as it is very small. The activity is then carried out in the classroom if the weather is bad or in the square with the difficulties of case seen the passage of strangers.

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As known the via Asiago school is affected by jobs that do not yet see the end: During the years children e teachers They were transferred from one location to another and for two years now I have been welcomed in the center, in Piazza Federico II, on the top floor of the complex which also houses the primary Mestica to achieve which they do every morning one seventy steps.

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