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Lazio out of the Champions League: super Kane eliminates Sarri

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Lazio out of the Champions League: super Kane eliminates Sarri

At the Lazio he fails to eliminate the Bayern Monaco from the Champions League. The Biancocelesti, after the 1-0 victory in the first leg, lost 3-0 in Munich and had to say goodbye to the dream of reaching the quarter-finals. The Germans scored twice at the end of the first half with Kane e Muller. Then, in the second half, the former Tottenham striker scored his personal brace and secured his qualification.


Provedel attacks: “Four referees and no one saw!”

The Biancocelesti goalkeeper live on TV after the elimination. Read here her words.


Sarri: “Change of formation? Not even a dream”

Read here the Lazio coach’s comment on the match.


Tuchel: “We scored at the right time”

What I feel? A mix of everything, we had high expectations of qualifying for the quarter-finals. We knew we had to score two goals. We never lost our heads, we played in an organized way and we scored goals at the right time“. So speaking to Sky Sport, the coach of Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel, after the victory against Lazio. “Now we look ahead, we dream of winning the Champions League“Tuchel added.


Capello wands Sarri and Lazio live on TV

Read here the commentator’s analysis after the Biancocelesti’s defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.


Lazio out, what happens now for fifth place in the Champions League

The Biancocelesti eliminated by Bayern Munich in Germany. Bad news for Italy too… Read here the in-depth analysis.


Cataldi: “At the first half chance they scored us”

Cataldi to Mediaset: “We played a good game for 45 minutes, they scored on the first half chance and then made the difference. It will be difficult to restart now, but we have to do it if we want to play this type of match every year”.


Sarri’s words

Interviews and press conference: read here all Sarri’s words in real time.


De Ligt: “We had patience”

De Ligt a Mediaset: “We played a good game. We were patient. I shot well in the goal and then Muller was good. Lazio started well, but after the 2-0… it was important for us, we had more space”.

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Zaccagni: “We are disappointed”

Zaccagni to Mediaset: “We are disappointed, we should have taken advantage of some opportunities in the first half. We lost a bit of confidence after the goal. Football is made up of episodes, we could have taken the lead. Now we have to try to stay united and win the next match straight away”.


Match statistics

The match in numbers: read here all statistics.


The match ends: Lazio eliminated

Bayern wins 3-0 and reverses the result of the first leg: Kane (double) and Muller score.


89′ Bayern change

Sané out, Laimer enters the field. Then also in Gnabry for Musiala.


80′ Last Lazio substitution

Kamada enters in place of Luis Alberto.


78′ Double substitution for Bayern

Davies and Tel are in, Guerreiro and Muller are out.


76′ Lazio substitution

Pedro inside for Felipe Anderson.


71′ Muller posts

Fast counterattack by Bayern, the ball reaches Muller who unloads a powerful right-footed shot: Provedel touches it and deflects it onto the post.


66′ Kane scores again: Bayern-Lazio 3-0

Plenty of space for Sané who comes back on the left and shoots, Provedel manages to deflect, but Kane is very ready for the rebound.


61′ Changes Lazio

Inside Castellanos in place of Immobile, Cataldi for Vecino and Isaksen for Zaccagni.


59′ Diagonal by Guerreiro

The winger is freed by Kane, but his left foot is too wide and goes wide.


52′ Episodio in area Bayern

Immobile hits the ball in the area and then goes to the ground. Lazio requests a penalty for De Ligt’s intervention, but the referee signals to continue. The VAR does not intervene.


The game starts again

Kick-off awarded to Bayern.


The first half ends: Bayern-Lazio 2-0

In the 45th minute, goals from Kane and Muller decide.


46′ Raddoppio Bayern: Muller

Corner kick: Immobile extends the ball with his head, De Ligt volleys it back into the center and finds Muller ready to head the ball into the goal.


39′ Kane scores: Bayern-Lazio 1-0

Guerreiro kicks a ball badly into the area, but the shot ends up precisely on the head of Kane who, face to face with Provedel, can’t make a mistake.

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37′ What an opportunity for Immobile!

Cross from Zaccagni, De Ligt extends the ball with his head: Immobile finds himself hitting a few centimeters from the goal, but the ball goes wide.


35′ Dier heads

Nice cross from Kimmich, Dier breaks away well but the ball is a little high: his header goes wide.


30′ The statistics of the first half hour

Bayern advantage in ball possession. Read here all statistics.


17′ Kane dangerous

Shot from outside that seems well aimed, but a deflection widens the trajectory of the ball which ends up in a corner.


14′ Provedel rejects

From a corner action, the ball reaches Musiala: powerful shot but Provedel is placed well and blocks it.


6′ Bayern reply

Sané receives from Muller: his left foot from a good position is weak and central, no problem for Provedel.


5′ First shot by Guendouzi

The first shot is biancoceleste: the midfielder goes past his direct opponent and unleashes a right-footed shot from outside the area: the ball goes wide.


The game begins

Kick-off awarded to Lazio.


Lotito’s words

The president of Lazio Lotito to Mediaset: “With this match we want to achieve a deserved redemption to make our fans dream. The decisions of the sports judge? I don’t make comments because things speak for themselves. Those who saw the match can express their opinion and evaluate whether the sanctions are appropriate to what they saw on the pitch. We will move forward in the appropriate places to assert our reasons. Dossiers? I don’t know the issues and the facts. At the time I was interviewed to find out if I had prior knowledge of the people who acted. I know Flori, like all the presidents of all categories. Gravina introduced him to me. The rest is part of living room communications. I have no role in this matter.”.


Lazio on the pitch

The team on the pitch for warming up. The match starts in half an hour.

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Zaccagni: “Lazio is ready”

Zaccagni to Sky Sport: “We are in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, detail makes the difference. We know it will be a difficult match against a very strong team, but we are ready. Humility will be needed, we will need to be good at suffering in some moments, without being crushed. My condition? It went quite well with Milan, it was a long period, in which I suffered a lot but now I’m back and I want to have my say.”.


The official lineups

BAYERN MONACO (4-2-3-1): Newer; Kimmich, De Ligt, Dier, Guerreiro; Pavlovic, Goretzka; Sané, Müller, Musiala; Kane.

LAZIO (4-3-3): Provedel; Marusic, Gila, Romagnoli, Pellegrini; Guendouzi, Vecino, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zaccagni.


Caicedo’s message

On social media the former Biancoceleste wanted to make his support felt: “I’m not in Monaco but I’ll support everywhere“.


Immobile king of the Cup

Ciro Immobile is Lazio’s all-time top scorer in the main European competitions with 26 goals: only Simone Inzaghi (15) has more goals than the 1990 class in the Champions League (nine in 12 matches). In addition, Ciro Immobile scored 20 goals for Lazio in 23 home European matches (one every 85 minutes) compared to the six scored in 20 away games with the Biancocelesti, one every 231′.


Lulic joins Radu: he is also among the Lazio fans in Munich

The former winger followed the team to Germany together with the Biancocelesti fans. Laws the in-depth analysis.


The fans find Radu in the pub and the party starts

Great enthusiasm in Germany: the former Biancoceleste defender was also present. Read here all about the meeting.


UEFA ranking, Italy supports Lazio

Sarri’s plan to overcome the German champions: read here the in-depth analysis.


Sarri’s probable lineup

Click here to see the possible choices of the Biancoceleste coach.


Our correspondent in Munich

Daniele Rindone tells us all the latest. Click here to see the video.


The kick-off

The match is scheduled for tonight at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Start at 9pm.

Allianz Arena – Munich

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