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Livorno, theft in a gym: 37-year-old reported

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Livorno, theft in a gym: 37-year-old reported

A 37-year-old of Tunisian origin was denounced twice within a few days for theft and detention for the purpose of dealing of narcotics. In fact, the man had broken into a city gym from which he had managed to steal backpacks, wallets and personal belongings of some customers as well as a notebook used by the sports center administration. Thanks to a scrupulous reconstruction of the movements in the immediate vicinity before and after the theft, the carabinieri identified and reported the man. However, a few days later, the latter was stopped by a patrol still near the gym and a few doses of cocaine were found both on him and in his home. Having completed the formalities, the 37-year-old was again referred to the judicial authority.

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