Home Health “Look-alike ready to replace Putin”. The latest tip on the Tsar’s health

“Look-alike ready to replace Putin”. The latest tip on the Tsar’s health

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“Look-alike ready to replace Putin”.  The latest tip on the Tsar’s health

Indiscretions, tip-offs, half-truths. Clues that increase as the days go by. The health conditions of Vladimir Putin are shrouded in mystery, between leaks and background on the alleged illness of the Tsar. Sources of Russian dissidence now report that the head of the Kremlin would be ready to undergo a delicate matter surgery for the treatment of a cancer that would have been diagnosed. The operation – according to what was leaked – will force the Russian president to at least 10 days of hospitalization, which is why the Moscow secret services have already alerted a group of double ready to replace the leader in case of public appearances.

The scenario envisaged seems like a movie, yet the connoisseurs of Russian events assure that it is highly plausible: in the past there was already talk of controfigure to replace Putin if necessary. In a delicate moment like the present one, however, the Kremlin has in fact every interest in showing the president in constant activity. Fully in command. For this reason, it seems that the Tsar also recorded some images that will be used during his planned absence. The date of Putin’s possible surgery was not revealed, but Russian opposition sources reported by the New York Post inform that it has already been fixed. The intervention – we read in the Telegram channel attributed to a former lieutenant general of the Russian foreign secret services – “will take place at night starting from 1. The chosen doctors had to overcome checks on several levels“.

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In the period of convalescence, the power should temporarily pass to Nikolai Patrushev, very loyal to Putin and former head of the federal police. But it is to be excluded that the leader completely disappears from the radar for several days: the circumstance, in fact, would only feed the rumors (already quite insistent) about his precarious health. Furthermore, the Kremlin has always denied these rumors and a possible absence of Putin from the scene would be difficult to justify, especially on the domestic front.

According to the Russian investigation agency The Project, the president would see an oncology specialist 35 times in the past four years. His obsession for diseases it was also intuited in the absence of close contacts observed during the most intense months of the pandemic. Still according to Russian indiscretions, Putin would also have resorted to therapy unconventional, such as the blood bath extracted from deer antlers, which are severed during growth when they are still full of fresh blood.

Between suggestions and reality, it is good to do the tare on every information. Net, however, of a series of clues that seem to confirm all doubts about the conditions of the Russian president. In recent days, however, an interception had been leaked in which even an oligarga indulged in heavy revelations about an alleged blood cancer diagnosed in Putin.

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