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Losing Weight Diet Health » Diet Mistake Number Eight (Not an Infomercial!)

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“Success justifies the means,” it is said, and where there is no success, the “holy means” are missing. But even though it’s so simple, we overlook it simply because habit is blind.

That’s why you can e.g. B. on US forums about proper nutrition and correct diet (in each individual case?) appear like in an infomercial:

Dieticianswhich does not translate as “dietist”, but rather “nutritionist”, teach their readers the basic basics of the body and the target measurements:

If you want to lose weight, you need to ① eat less & (or) ② exercise more.

➊ Discover which levers you can pull to reduce your overall energy intake. ➋ Discover what type of physical activity you enjoy most (or hate least).

This can sound so sensible and logical that you start asking big questions: How do I optimize 1.) and how 2.)?
We don’t ask “What’s the point of it all?”, because the media industry explains everything?!

You don’t notice that you’re stuck in a “knowledge trap” when everything doesn’t help, i.e. the excess weight comes back and increases. If the knowledge gained results in “I can’t do that!” or “Then I just need suitable medication, somehow,” not everything is lost, but it will be difficult.
In addition: “We don’t allow ourselves to be dictated to, especially not by XY, and if you don’t understand that, take a look under “reactance”!”

There are also annoying doubts like “What I chose for lunch today – is that right?”

Pasta as a main dish – is this a “balanced diet”?

So we force ourselves to eat “less” and eat little for lunch, but then the subconscious may provide some kind of compensation: with a high-calorie, usually sweet treat – if it sticks with one.

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The “insider tip” “Lots of vegetables, vegetables, vegetables”, i.e. no dense calories, may have come about at the desk of a desk worker, but not in the practice of slightly indulgent, spoiled pleasure eaters: celery, broccoli, carrots, radishes. As usual, cabbage and spinach are only intended as a side dish?

“Capunti Casarecci” are occasionally served with a cream cheese sauce as part of the Mediterranean diet in Italy, presumably because popular cuisine reaches monetary limits, although no one wants to know how “cream cheese” is defined here.

Maybe something else can be created with silken tofu that could introduce the dish into cruelty-free school canteens:

When it comes to school meals, the question “Why not for everyone and for free?” appears just as often as it is suppressed. Although we owe car advertising mottos like “It doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist” and “Nothing is impossible,” the outdated “They’re doing something” then leads back to “What are they actually doing?” and somehow to “Who would actually be responsible for that?” ?”

To do this, we should eat, care for and take care of ourselves “organically”, which is why there are also “organic shops”, here with the biblical motto “Dance for the Golden Calf” right at the entrance:

This is as confusing as transport policy with its 360-degree turns and as meaningless as “any poem” that can at least give us other ideas.

The fact that a ban actually always requires at least two people did not occur to the “nutritional psychologist” who coined the saying “bans are forbidden” – so we can assume that he did not have the courage to impose meaningful rules and prohibitions to use.

In the diet error countdown we have reached “eighth”.

“Sugar” is just one example of the “problem of restrictions,” without which nothing will move. Although our society is suffering from disintegration, this in no way means that people have to live as isolated individuals, connected to the world through digital information channels. (Not only) interactions have shaped us, and interaction can help with necessary change.
Cheap diet guides are of no use, among other things, because “one piece of advice for everyone” cannot fit the individual characteristics. In general, this also applies to coaching: The chemistry has to be right…

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Was Meat substitute The Tagesschau recently wanted to explain to us what it can do for the climate and health – and actually ruined the article from the start with the delusion that meat needs to be replaced.

There was also talk of “missing meat” once – “missing meat” – the sound of that has something flawed, and schools are always busy correcting things – and because “no meat“ can also be correct, nothing is missing, which is why you shouldn’t say that something is missing on the plate, or more precisely: on the plates.

Maybe tempeh is missing – but tempeh is tempeh and calling it a meat substitute ignores its actual qualities. There is a lack of a tempeh network that could be good for a feeling of togetherness, there is a lack of public innovation.

“Soup with all sorts of things” always works, although sometimes “more” is appropriate.

The circumstances, the conditions are sometimes such that they prevent optimal behavior – the diet “doesn’t go so smoothly” when money is tight and what you can afford seems like a poor man’s meal, and all the time : Then the certain elation of better people simply doesn’t arise.

Martin Huber / CSU has other concerns and “arguments”:

The Greens are harassing an entire country under the pretext of climate protection, while the Foreign Minister…uselessly wastes kerosene. #Climate protection only plays a minor role in the green political show.

I would even say: “The Greens are busy and patronizing, but Huber has been able to do that for a long time, better and in a more populist way.” You just have to “look the people in the mouth”.

And undoubtedly it is now autumn!

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California is suing oil companies for misleading people about climate change

The short German report is quick to read, but the statement of claim runs to 135 pages. We’ll see what the judiciary does with it, and perhaps the verdict will result in a certain amount of reparation that we and the corporations “somehow” owe to the environment.

Pasta salad, a photograph…

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