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Love horoscope for the week of March 20-26: Artemis’ predictions

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Love horoscope for the week of March 20-26: Artemis’ predictions.


The week for Aries promises to be full of positive emotions and new opportunities that could push him towards spiritual development. It is good that he is open to the opinions and advice of others, as this could help him find motivation in different aspects of life, including those related to personal relationships. He should never reject other people’s points of view, especially if they can help him in his search for love.


If Taurus wishes to find love but does not have enough time to go out and flirt, he should know that any attempts to strengthen relationships and establish a connection with the opposite sex will be successful. The time has come to overcome your fears and start an active search for love.


The sign of Gemini may face some changes in their consciousness during this week. There may be changes in one’s tastes in love, as well as in their relationship with love itself and with the loved one, thanks to the influence of Venus in Taurus. Astrologers recommend developing relationships and working on yourself, even if this takes up all of your free time. It is also important to keep morale high, so that people around Gemini are happier communicating with them.


Cancer natives should allow themselves small selfish satisfactions to find some happiness during this time. In addition, from the 20th to the 26th, love also requires attention to loved ones – you need to spend time communicating with parents, children and a partner. This is also an excellent opportunity to purify your energy and get rid of negative energy, so that you become more attractive to the opposite sex.

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Thanks to the positive influence of Venus and Mercury, those born under the sign of Leo will be successful in every sphere, including love. Single Leos will have little chance of being wrong in their choice of partner this week. Also, thanks to Saturn, negative energy effects will be blocked, which will allow Leos to strengthen their capacity for empathy and intuition in relationships with others.


This week’s planets advise Virgos not to postpone their love aspirations. It is better to take the initiative and be more active in research, even if this will not immediately lead to new relationships. The main thing is not to sit passively and show the Universe your desire and readiness for new acquaintances.


For Libras this week it is particularly important that the partner is present and ready to listen to their requests. Single Libras shouldn’t wait for someone to approach them – they should act independently and try to meet new people, but they should avoid communicating with people of aggressive signs of the zodiac. The stars will give pleasant and important moments to both married Libras and those in a relationship.


A period of increased sensitivity begins for Scorpios, so it is important to protect your energy during this period. The influence of the planets will have a positive effect not only on your mood, but also on your relationship with your partner. A number of pleasant changes in personal life are expected. You can try slowing things down temporarily to improve your relationship with your partner. Now it helps to give your partner what you want to receive in return.

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To improve their personal life, Sagittarius needs to fight fatigue and excessive tension. Special exercises will help them with this. If conflicts arise, it is best to switch attention to something positive and calm to reduce the intensity of passions. Those who appreciate their partner will receive support from Venus in Taurus to free themselves from selfishness, irritability and demands. It is important to pay more attention to your partner to strengthen the relationship.


It will be useful for Capricorns to pay attention to their physical condition, as this can help them meet their soul mate. If they have enough strength, they will be able to visit new places, meet new people and expand their social circle. This week it is recommended not to remain in the shadows and show more initiative in your personal life.


Aquarians will have a better chance in the love sphere if they stop focusing on negative thoughts and start showing joy, optimism and kindness. These qualities will attract the opposite sex. Also, if Aquarians dream of romantic trips, now is the perfect time to make them happen, thanks to the influence of strong Venus. Do not put off plans, they must be implemented soon.


Pisces looking for a second half will be lucky this week thanks to the influence of Mercury and Venus. The main thing now is to listen to your heart when choosing a partner. The night lights from March 20 to 26 will help Pisces strengthen their spiritual connection with those they love. This period is very suitable for an active love life, original situations and unusual acquaintances. It is necessary to be careful, as the opposite sex often courts Pisces.

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