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Mayor Lepore inaugurated a new gym in the Barca district

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Mayor Lepore inaugurated a new gym in the Barca district

Barca Neighborhood Welcomes New Gym Inaugurated by Mayor Matteo Lepore

The Barca neighborhood in Borgo Panigale-Reno district has a new addition in the form of a modern and accessible multipurpose gym. The honor of inaugurating the new gym went to the mayor, Matteo Lepore, who was accompanied by the councilors for Sport and Public Works, Roberta Li Calzi and Simone Borsari.

The construction of the gym was part of the mayor’s week in the district and is designed to cater to active inclusion activities through art, culture, and physical activity for disadvantaged youth groups. The project received funding as part of the Pon Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020.

The new gym is a result of the demolition and reconstruction of an abandoned building, which used to be a bowling alley. The space was transformed into a multi-purpose gym inside the sports center, making it one of the most important city aggregation poles.

According to the Municipality, the sports center is immersed in the park area and connects perfectly with the surrounding areas, acting as a link between the green area and the lake used for sport fishing. The design also allows users to be surrounded by natural elements such as water and greenery, which come into visual contact with the interior of the building through the use of large windows.

The ground floor of the gym features a space for non-competitive sporting activities or cultural activities, along with attached services. The first floor houses offices associated with the activities.

The inauguration of the new gym is a significant step forward for the Barca neighborhood, and it is expected to become a popular hub for sports and cultural activities for the residents. The municipality is also planning to open more such gyms in the neighborhood as part of its efforts to promote active and inclusive activities for all.

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