Home Health Medicine, in Naples the world conference on infertility with 300 scientists from 26 countries

Medicine, in Naples the world conference on infertility with 300 scientists from 26 countries

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Medicine, in Naples the world conference on infertility with 300 scientists from 26 countries

“In Italy, 4 percent of children are born thanks to new high-tech implantation techniques. This happens because the age of first conception is increasing and, for women, it has risen from 28 to 33 years, while research says that the best age to conceive a child without difficulty is generally less than 27 years “. This was stated by Carlo Alviggi, head of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Naples Federico II, during the third world conference on luteinizing hormone, which was held at the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples and attracted over 300 scientists and specialists from 26 countries around the world.

“Naples is one of the world capitals of research and the application of new techniques to combat infertility – added Professor Alviggi – and this event confirms it, thanks to the presence of the entire scientific community linked to the medina for reproduction. It is It is clear that, especially in Italy, the issue of denatality has a greater relevance. Fewer and fewer children are born and new births are increasingly linked to the innovations that technologies and medicine offer in this field “. According to Alviggi, the World Conference on Luteinizing Hormone represents “a real Expo in the sector, a particular observation window on all that is technology and innovation for the approach to couples with fertility problems”.

“Important international event – is the comment of Matteo Lorito, rector of the Federico II University of Naples – organized by the professors of our university, which talks about everything that the science that works around infertility offers. An even more important and current, given the ongoing demographic decline, which will also affect the future of universities. Federico II proves to be present on this issue: the University exists and is working on it. Furthermore, the University will invest heavily in medical school and in particular on infertility and the difficulties in conceiving, which today also represent a great social problem “.

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“It is nice to see many foreign colleagues in the classroom fascinated by the topics discussed in the two days and by our city. It is a double source of pride for our school – said Giuseppe Bifulco, director of the DAI Materno Infantile of Federico II – who has always pushed for Reproductive Medicine and its internationalization, despite the difficulties linked in Italy to the greater diffusion of Obstetrics and Gynecological Surgery. Thanks to the efforts made in recent years, the Neapolitan school has long been recognized all over the world “.

Infertility is often linked to menstrual cycle disorders, which occur in increasingly younger women. This was explained by Annamaria Colao, president of the Italian Society of Endocrinology, during her speech: “It is increasingly common to meet young women with menstrual cycle disorders, usually due to two classic but different causes of amenorrhea. Often the two Clinical pictures are confused, but the interaction between endocrinologist and gynecologist becomes decisive in order to promptly arrive at a diagnosis and, therefore, at a therapy that, depending on the causes, is different “.

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