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Mental health, 50% of disorders appear before the age of 18 – Headache

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Mental health, 50% of disorders appear before the age of 18 – Headache

50% of all mental disorders appear by the age of 18, 62% by the age of 24. It is therefore necessary to focus on early interventions that allow recovery. This was underlined by Sinpf (Italian Society of NeuroPsychoPharmacology), at the conclusion of the XXV national congress. “We have a window – Claudio Mencacci and Matteo Balestrieri, Sinpf presidents, explain in a note – which allows us early interventions for a more rapid and effective recovery of the children, ‘saving’ their future. We must be put in a position to be able to use it with the salutogenesis’, the promotion of health, increasing resilience factors.

Mental health begins before conception, which is why we want to look beyond, promote primary and secondary prevention. We want to talk about screening in a country that underestimates them or is unable to apply them.” “All Italian psychiatry, with the institutions, must take awareness of the growing youth discomfort – underlines Claudio Mencacci -.

This alliance needs a national agency that takes charge of coordinating actions and resources for the promotion of the mental health of the population”. It is also important that the taboo on psychotropic drugs, often viewed with suspicion, falls. Just as there must be high attention to correct use. “The consumption of psychotropic drugs, mainly antidepressants and benzodiazepines, has been constantly growing for many years, around 2% per year – adds Matteo Balestrieri -. Benzodiazepines are class C drugs, the most prescribed of all, even though Italy is the country with the lowest number of prescriptions in Europe. This forces us to reflect. The prescriptions do not always correspond to suitable uses. 40% of these are then managed with a very dangerous ‘do it yourself’ procedure which jeopardizes the success of the treatments.

Not to mention illegal purchases: up to a third of the drugs used by young people are found on the web, and are used to ‘get high’, to ‘get out of the high and sleep’, to improve school performance, with enormous damage to health “. Finally, for social media experts “it is necessary that influencers, before writing even a single line on mental health problems, evaluate the effect of their words very carefully”.

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