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Microsoft and Hevolus together for innovation in southern Italy

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Microsoft Italia and Hevolus Innovation give life to the South innovation center, designed to allow companies and professionals in Southern Italy to touch the value of digital for resilience and growth. Based at the Apulian headquarters of Hevolus in Molfetta, the space intends to act as a local reference point to support the digital transformation of key sectors such as manufacturing and retail, but also of the world of public administration, which can act as a push to relaunch a is an area that contributes about 20% of the national GDP, and which the pandemic has hit hard. By offering free training, in physical or virtual mode, Microsoft and Hevolus will put their respective skills at the service of local realities to help them reap the benefits of new technologies. The aim of the initiative is to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs and the Pal del Mezzogiorno, also in line with the priorities of the NRP which dedicates over 80 billion euros to Southern Italy for territorial rebalancing and inclusive growth in the country. The initiative is part of Microsoft’s broader commitment to training and digital culture at the basis of the five-year plan Ambizione Italia #DigitalRestart and takes advantage of the collaboration with Hevolus Innovation, which has already accompanied many companies in its innovation path.


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“The South is characterized by a greater delay in the development of digital, as indicated by the performance of the Desi index at the regional level elaborated by the Digital Agenda Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano. The digital transformation of Southern Italy is therefore essential for a structural and sustainable growth of the country and it must be everyone’s responsibility to create an ecosystem. The moment has never been so favorable to invest in innovation, also thanks to the funds of the NRP, which dedicates over 80 billion euros to the South, but often the realities of the territory, especially SMEs and Pal, need a compass to orient themselves among the new technological paradigms and to create innovation projects in concrete response to business needs and with a real impact on citizens. Thus was born the South Innovation Center together with Hevolus Innovation, with whom we intend to guide companies and professionals through an experiential approach, to bring innovation scenarios to life and share best practices’‘, declared Andrea Cardillo, director of the Microsoft Technology Center of Microsoft Italia in Milan, who will work closely with the South Innovation Center, also creating twinning training activities.

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” Everyone must be able to access new technologies easily, without special computer knowledge and with the freedom to use the devices they are most familiar with. With the South Innovation Center, thanks to the synergy with Microsoft Italy, we can finally put together advanced technologies, use cases and new customer journeys to support local SMEs and Pals in this epochal paradigm shift ”, added Antonio Squeo , chief innovation officer of Hevolus Innovation. At the South Innovation Center, the Microsoft and Hevolus experts will therefore offer training and consultancy – through dedicated sessions or through mini-events, in person or in remote connection – to the realities of southern Italy, showing solutions in response to specific business needs. through demonstrations relating to the evolution of the customer journey in an increasingly hybrid world.

Innovation Almanac – September 29, 1983

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by Riccardo Luna

In the center of Molfetta it will therefore be possible to discuss real use cases and to test the functioning and potential of latest generation technologies and devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality viewer, thanks to which it is possible to rethink business processes and experience in engaging the operator or the final consumer in the most disparate sectors, from manufacturing to retail to the public. These are the industries that the two companies aim to reach with the initiative, to encourage the adoption of new business models, new ways of organizing work, new customer experiences inspired by simplicity, interactivity and collaboration, to support companies and contribute to the growth of strategic sectors. Some local experiences can already teach and, leveraging Microsoft’s technology and Hevolus’s advice and support in terms of development, for some time now they have given life to avant-garde projects that can become a source of inspiration for many. This is the case of Natuzzi, which with its Augmented Store has rethought the customer experience and of Castel del Monte, which has become a HoloMuseum, inaugurating a more interactive and engaging cultural experience. Numerous other innovative projects also on a national and global scale will be at the center of the training and knowledge sharing sessions of the South Innovation Center.

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