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“Monster Hunter Rise” PC version and “Dawn” producer interview revealed that the Chinese font “Monster Hunter Rise” will be updated after the release

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CAPCOM’s hunting action game “Monster Hunter Rise” will be launched on the Steam platform on January 13, 2022 (Thursday). The super-large expansion content “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” will also be released Coming to both Nintendo Switch and Steam in summer 2022.

“Monster Hunter Rise” was originally launched on the Nintendo Switch platform in March 2021. The version ported to the PC platform retains the unfettered and galloping hunting experience, and supports 4K resolution, high-resolution textures and high-definition Frame rate mode, and the use of improved keyboard and mouse operation, custom settings for different computer configurations, and corresponding to voice chat and ultra-wide screen display.

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In addition, the super-large expansion content “Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn”, which will be launched simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms, will add elements that can further enjoy the fun of “Monster Hunter Rise”, including new stories and missions RANK, unknown fields and Monsters, and actions that have never been experienced before.

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    Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto

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    Monster Hunter Rise PC Producer Genki Sandano

GNN: The Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” is about to be released. Please share the ups and downs of making the PC version this time, such as which parts of the development were particularly hard, or are there any impressive things?

answer:The starting point of the development of “Monster Hunter Rise” is the Nintendo Switch platform, so when developing the Steam version, it is necessary to add new development elements based on the development of PC games.That is to say, in this work“How to further expand the scope of image quality performance while giving priority to performance on Nintendo Switch”After the optimization of the“If it’s on the PC platform, what can it do?”This problem, and in the investigation and finding of corresponding methods in this area, presents difficulties different from developing ordinary PC games.

In addition, unlike the console version, which only needs to guarantee the performance of the game under a fixed configuration, the playing environment of PC players is also varied, such as the operating system, graphics card configuration and market share, etc., which change every day, so we It is also necessary to carefully explore the range that can ensure smooth operation. Before going on sale, we also checked as much as possible with various equipment already in the company.

The game can be played smoothly under the currently disclosed necessary PC configuration environment, but because each player is in a different environment (such as anti-virus software settings, etc.), there will be differences in runtime. If there is any problem, I hope you can refer to the troubleshooting articles we plan to publish first. If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact customer service.

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    Filter function added to the PC version

GNN: Did you refer to the feedback from players who have played “Monster Hunter Rise”, what adjustments have been made in the newly released PC version?

answer:The PC version of “Monster Hunter Rise” was made after the Nintendo Switch version was released, and it was decided to make a lot of requests from PC players all over the world for the PC version. The standpoint of the Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” is to allow more players to obtain the unique hunting experience of “Rise”. During the development of the Steam version, the development of the Nintendo Switch version is also underway (the development of various distribution content and bug fixes, etc.). Therefore, in the division of labor,The development of the game body of “Monster Hunter Rise” is in charge of the development team of the Nintendo Switch version, and the development team of the Steam version is responsible for the additional development elements to satisfy the PC players.

GNN: In order to give PC players the best experience, what efforts has the R&D team made to optimize the PC platform?

answer:Since the Steam version of Monster Hunter Rise is a PC game, some necessary elements were additionally developed. The main elements are the high-resolution of up to 4K, the ability to switch monsters to high-resolution materials (which can be switched through OPTION), and the optimization of image options such as the ability to change the upper limit of the number of frames, in addition to corresponding to ultra-wide In addition to the screen display, keyboard and mouse operations other than game controllers are also supported. We have expanded the OPTION function, so that players can make detailed settings changes according to the PC game environment they are in, and hope that everyone can play the game in a state that best suits their own situation.

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GNN: The console version and the PC version have different operation methods. Based on the past experience of “Monster Hunter”, the R&D team thinks that there is any difference in preferences between PC monster players and console version monster players?

answer:According to the player’s preferences, the game environment such as controller operation, keyboard and mouse operation is also various, and our development has considered how to make the game fun for these diverse players.

Regarding controller operation, it is naturally very familiar to players who have played the console version of the Monster Hunter series in the past. The keyboard and mouse operation also has unique advantages, you can customize the assignment of keys and set keyboard shortcuts and so on. So I hope you all try it out and choose the way you like.

By the way, regarding the controller operation, in the trial version, you can freely choose 3 icons of the host controller in the OPTION, and in the official version of the game, we plan to add 2 more button icons, which will allow players to remind players in the game. Get a more comfortable gaming environment than the trial version.

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GNN: Will there be new cooperation projects for the PC version of “Monster Hunter Rise” in the future? Or is it just the content of the Nintendo Switch version at this stage?

answer:When the Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” is released, the released updates for the Nintendo Switch version up to Ver.3.6.1 will be provided together. Includes additional monsters and endings for Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.0, as well as various distribution event missions up to Ver.3.6.1, all of which can be played directly after release.

Of course, you can also play CAPCOM co-op missions such as “Great God” and “Fighting Whirlwind”, as well as co-op missions of “Sonic”. I hope you can enjoy it.

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In addition, at the end of February 2022, the content is also planned to be released simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch version. After the release until this point in time, the Steam version has no new event tasks, but once it is updated, all the event tasks and other content previously released in the Nintendo Switch version will be provided at one time, and the event tasks released after that,Basically, it will be launched at the same time as the Nintendo Switch version

Although we have no plans to launch a unique cooperation for the Steam version, the Nintendo Switch version has been updated to Ver.3.7.0, and the USJ (Universal Studios Japan) cooperation mission to be released in the future has also been announced. For these contents, as mentioned above Said that the Steam version will also be released after the update at the end of February 2022.

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GNN isn’t following anyone. Autodesk_newMonster Hunter Rise》The Nintendo Switch version was launched first, and then the PC version was launched. Why is the expansion part of the expansion set to be launched at the same time? Will the content be exactly the same for both platforms?

answer:“Monster Hunter Rise” was originally made with the goal of being on the Nintendo Switch, but after hearing the voices of fans from all over the world wanting to play this work on PC, we decided to make a Steam version. Also because of this process, the release time is different. “Monster Hunter Rise: Breaking Dawn” was developed under the above background, so it can be produced with the goal of being released on the same day.

Like “Rise”, some content such as amiibo equipment will not be included in the Steam version, but the two versions will basically be the same game content, and we are also working hard to achieve this goal. Hope the majority of PC gamers will play Rising first and wait patiently while looking forward to Breaking Dawn.

The new story of “Breaking Dawn” will continue after the final mission of the Nintendo Switch version of “Rise” (Ver.1.0)[Assembly Mission ★7 “Thor”]. The “Guild Cross Series” and the “Heirloom Protective Stone” released by the Nintendo Switch version at the end of October last year will also be provided directly to players for free when the Steam version is released. “s arrival.

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GNN: Cross-platform connection has gradually become a market trend. I wonder if there is any plan to support the connection between the PC version and the Nintendo Switch version this time or in the future?

answer:As mentioned in the previous notice, “Rise” and “Dawn” do not support multi-platform play and shared saves.

GNN: Last year’s TGA revealed a new movie for Monster Hunter: Breaking Dawn. Is there any new information about the new monsters appearing in the film?

answer:The new monster that appeared in the promotional video is called “Ice Wolf Dragon”, which is the monster that debuted in “Dawn”. However, what you see in the film is not the whole of this monster. It will also push the hunter into a predicament with unexpected actions, so stay tuned.

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In addition, the new stronghold “El Cardo” of this work also appeared in the film. “El Cardo” is the stronghold of the character who rescued the hunter from the crisis in the film,There is also a lot of karma with “Londini” who appeared in “Rise”. What stories will be waiting for you in “El Cardo”, please look forward to the follow-up news.

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answer:We are working hard to prepare,Hope to bring you new information in the spring. Stay tuned.

GNN: Please say something to the players in Taiwan.

answer:As mentioned earlier, when the Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” is released on January 13, 2022 (Thursday), the Nintendo Switch version has released updated content until Ver.3.6.1. After the release, everyone can enjoy the various content added in the post-release update of the Nintendo Switch version.

GNN: Besides that, what else would you like to say to the players?

answer:For Monster Hunter Rising: Breaking Dawn, our developers are working hard to provide players with more playable content. It is also planned to provide a series of resurrected monsters, action elements, new playable content, etc., so stay tuned for new information in the future.

Not only that, from January 13, 2022, the release date of the Steam version,We also plan to change the Chinese and Korean in-game fonts that players want to adjust (the name of the monster that appears in the CG and the font of the mission acceptance book, etc.). The Nintendo Switch version will also change the font, and it is scheduled to be available in mid-January 2022, please wait a little longer.


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