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MSD CrowdCaring funds the best projects related to removing social barriers

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MSD CrowdCaring funds the best projects related to removing social barriers

Do you know a non-profit association looking for funding? You could use Eppelaa platform of crowdfunding, that is, fundraising. Crowdfunding is the ideal tool for sharing your idea online, finding people ready to support it. To reward creativity, innovation and solidarity, Eppela has created co-financing initiatives in collaboration with large Italian companies, which become mentors
selecting and financing the projects deemed most worthy.

MSD CrowdCaring funds projects related to removing social barriers

One of these companies is MSD Italia, which with the platform MSD CrowdCaring sets itself the goal of finance the best projects relating to the removal of barriers. The aim is to help people, without disability, illness, skin colour, age or any form of diversity or condition being a limit to their life.

«MSD CrowdCaring is attentive to the issues of diversity and inclusion. It wants to promote all those ideas and projects that have the aim of promoting, for the benefit of the community, the removal of all social and personal barriers that can limit people’s daily lives. They promote a culture of attention to others and inclusion” he explains Nicoletta LuppiPresident and CEO of MSD Italia.

«Selected projects that achieve the “bottom-up financing” objectives through crowdfunding access a co-financing by MSD Italia in the role of “mentor”for a maximum of five thousand euros and according to the methods included in the regulation”.

Which projects are funded?

The scope of the projects financed by MSD is aimed at breaking down barriers and limits caused by disability, illness or diversity and at creating an inter-generational network. They relate to initiatives that promote gender equality, the development of inclusive work environments, the creation/development of mutual support networks for women. An important contribution to breaking down all barriers, to improve everyday life and bring us closer to each other.

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Msd CrowdCaring: the numbers achieved so far

From 2018 to today, thanks to those beyond 820 thousand euros raisedwith MSD co-financing of 350 thousand euros and more than 5,700 supporters, it was possible to create 80 projects throughout the national territory: important numbers that well summarize the success of the MSD CrowdCaring initiative, which is celebrating its fifth year of activity.

A path that the company has confirmed that it intends to continue: «It is an initiative that sees in its foundations two key factors, as well as two pillars of the social, economic and cultural development of the country, namely sustainability – in the broadest sense of the term – and innovation” continues Luppi.

«Creating – not just imagining – a better, fairer, healthier future means rethinking the way we operate, create value and collaborate. Only by acting responsibly and in a synergistic and integrated manner will we be able to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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