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Nearly 2,400 Covid patients treated at home with telemedicine

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From left Luca Fanucci (Unipi), Giulia Sannino and Claudia Congrestrì (Usca), Luca Puccetti (Fimmg)

The results of the SatNav E @ syCare platform created by the engineers of the University of Pisa

PISA. Covid can also be treated from home and defeated thanks to telemedicine. Starts from Pisa a new important experiment to streamline hospital access and which has allowed family doctors, in this last year, in the Pisan area, to monitor 2,392 patients at home (or in health hotels) with high levels of security and constant control: they are 42,241 measurements were performed.

All this thanks to new technologies created and made available to healthcare personnel by the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa. Thus was born the E @ asyCare telemedicine platform, developed by IngeniArs srl, a spin-off of the University of Pisa, and by the Department of Information Engineering, as part of the SatNav E @ asyCare project.

A device created to treat the chronically ill and which, thanks to funding from the European Space Agency, has been customized to meet the needs of Covid patients and tested in the North-West Tuscany and Central Tuscany Local Health Units.

«With the use of this platform – he explains Claudia Congrestrì, Usca organization manager in Pisa – we have managed to follow more than 500 patients in the last two months alone, reducing the use of paper and consequently the risk of transcription errors of personal and health information. We have automated our processes, saving time that has been reinvested in assistance through access planning, ease of use and easy sharing of information ».

The trial data were presented yesterday to the Information Engineering department of the Pisa University during a meeting attended by Andrea Caiti, director of the Department of Information Engineering, Luca Fanucci, full professor of Electronics, Luca Puccetti, secretary of Fimmg (Italian Federation of General Practitioners), doctors Serena Batini, Luca Melani, Giulia Sannino e Claudia Congestrì, responsible for Usca of Pisa.

The remote monitoring kit that allows doctors to monitor Covid positive patients is composed of a tablet and sensors for measuring vital parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, oxygen oximetry and frequency cardiac. The data collected is then transmitted to an electronic health record that allows doctors to remotely monitor the health of each patient. Furthermore, for Covid patients, the digitization of exams such as lung ultrasound has also been included in the platform.

Satisfaction was expressed by Professor Fanucci. «The team of engineers who worked on the project – he said – welcomed the various proposals for customizing the system by quickly implementing the new features. A path that allowed us to monitor 2,329 patients with Covid from home and we engineers must thank the doctors who believed in our technologies by experimenting them “.

E @ asyCare was found to be a valid system for the pandemic, but which may, in the future, find other applications, as pointed out by Puccetti. «The platform was useful – explained – and I’m sure its use will not end here. It will be fundamental for the management of chronic patients, therefore it is important to find resources so that the model can be extended to the health system as a whole “.

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